View Full Version : Korona 8x20 Replacement Rack

Michael Kadillak
26-Mar-2005, 12:06
I recently acquired an 8x20 Korona with a bed extension that was hand made. It appears that the rack chosen for the bed extension does not match the camera rack as nicely as I would like it to. Does anyone know of a place where I could obtain a 44 pitch rack that I could use on this bed extension?

Richard Ritter has also been looking for this rack for some time and I felt that a query to this venue may illicit a favorable response.

Thanks in advance.

Tracy Storer
26-Mar-2005, 13:46
Have you tried Boston Gear? They're probably your best bet.
Failing that, I wonder if you could cast one in Epoxy resin from the existing? (if that sounds crazy, I may still be suffering ill effects of too much epoxy from my sink-building a couple years ago)
Good luck.

Joe Smigiel
26-Mar-2005, 16:25
I'd second Boston Gear as the best bet. You might also give Midwest Photo Exchange a call. They may have a spare Korona extension bed laying around. Also, glennview.com may have one.

Have you considered changing the pinion gear on the camera and to match a more standard modern rack?

Paul Fitzgerald
27-Mar-2005, 11:37
Hi there,

You could try Small Parts


But they have 48 pitch not 44 pitch. It may be easier to change to the 48 gears.

David Flockhart
27-Mar-2005, 20:45
I have an 8x20 Korona that I've converted to use on a SInar base so I don't need the extension rack. If you wish to contact me off the forum I would be happy to speak with you about this.

Michael Kadillak
27-Mar-2005, 22:00
Tried to e-mail you David, but when I requested your e-mail address via the forum, I could not get directly connected to you.

Try me at


Regards and thanks to all for your suggestions. It is with such articulate advice that I continue to feel that I am among many good friends in this endevour.