View Full Version : Rocklands "tintype" - finally working!

Calamity Jane
26-Mar-2005, 10:00
Mixed up the replacement developer Rockland sent me and had a chance to do 1 plate this morning - ALL RIGHT!!! Huge difference!

I suspected the fist batch of developer I got from Rockland wasn't health because of the colour and the way it behaved when I mixed it. With the first batch, I was getting VERY dark images, if I got any at all. The new batch is good!

I'll post a scan when I get back to the office on Tuesday - don't have a scanner here.

Now I can work on my technique to get the most out of "tintype", now that I have chemistry that works.


Donald Qualls
26-Mar-2005, 10:25
Cool beans, Jane! Looking forward to seeing some results!

Mike H.
26-Mar-2005, 20:23
I vote for Calamity Jane as most entertaining and most (daring/exploring/experimenting/trying new [old] things) correspondent on the forum. :-)

Ralph Barker
26-Mar-2005, 22:19
Congrats, Calamity. Good to hear the new developer is working properly.

Calamity Jane
28-Mar-2005, 13:18
I've posted my (meger) experience with tintypes on my Web page at http://www.geocities.com/diannebest/Tintypes/tintype.html if anybody's interested.

Diane Maher
28-Mar-2005, 19:44
Cool! That looks like a neat process! I like the pics you have up there.

28-Mar-2005, 20:29
Thanks Calamity! Great info.

Did you try a stop bath at all? Or is it recommened to go straight to the fixer?
How many plates can you get out of their developer and what kind of shelf life does it have?

See what ya started! ;-)

By the way, be very careful if you try the chromate primer. Back in my truck painting days, it was the only _deadly_ chemical we worked with...

Ellen Stoune Duralia
29-Mar-2005, 06:50
Okay... it's Tuesday! Where's the scan?!

Glad to hear you got the process whipped into shape, Jane. We knew you would!!

Calamity Jane
29-Mar-2005, 08:57
GEEEZ! Talk about impatient! My stoopid company actually expects me to do some work for them while I'm here . . . . but it's coffee break, so here's the tintype http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v181/calamityjanecanary/Tintype2.jpg

If it fails to load for you, you have maxed out my bandwidth

Rich: No stop bath - straight from the developer to the fix. I have no idea what acetic acid would do to the Ag Plus

Excuse the subject matter in the tintype - no victums, I mean "subjects" were available so one comely ol' broad had ta get on the wrong side of the camera :-(

29-Mar-2005, 21:38
Nice shot!

And a stupid question maybe... How close do you think that scan on the site matches the original? I like the looks of it and it makes me want to try Rokland's tintypes...

Also. Is the matting a true matt or the way you coated the plate? I like that also.

You're braver than me... Very little in this world could convince me to get on the wrong side of a camera! And if it happened, I sure wouldn't show anyone! ;-)

Thanks for sharing all your hard work!

Calamity Jane
30-Mar-2005, 03:51
Rich: If you adjust the picture tones/contrast so that the background is sharp white and the dark edges of the plate are gloss black, you'll have a good rendition of the original. (I adjusted it so it looks right for me but monitors vary.)

The AgPlus emulsion has a natural finish that's almost gloss with very fine texture to it. I think it's the nature of the gel.

30-Mar-2005, 20:16
Thanks Calamity. I am really going to have to try this stuff. Hopefully this year will be better photographically than last year...

But at least you're having fun ;-) If I can finally get out to use this equipment instead of working on it, I'll have some fun too...