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29-Mar-2016, 10:08
Hello there!

I'm looking for a good printing company here in Europe to print the pages of a book (25 copies, 650 pages in total). I'll be doing the binding by myself. Preferably offset printing, but it can be digital printing if they can handle black and white images without any colour cast. Shipping to France is a must.

Or should I invest in an ink jet printer and print the pages at home? Is this route a cost effective solution?


29-Mar-2016, 13:40
I think your initial idea of outsourcing the printing makes the most sense, particularly if this is going to be a one-off project. Your requirement of no color cast combined with the wish to bind (and therefore need to source a usable, lightweight double-sided inkjet paper) is going to result in many hours of experimentation. Inkjet printing caused me trouble recently when trying to use double sided paper that would be still thin enough for binding (I think it was about 160g/m2).

Find a lab that will print double sided and in true black and white; leave the decision how to print it up to them. Odds are for this volume inkjet will be the most feasible route, but it's not going to be the kind of inkjet printer you would likely buy yourself.

31-Mar-2016, 05:55
It's important to find a good company for the services, but once we had chosen one, there is no turning back. Digital printing is always about creativity and quality. So we need to make sure always these two factors while choosing a company. I used to consult Club Ink for all sort of digital printing and signage services (http://www.clubink.ca/services/displays/) and they always do that in a good way. The quality they provide in their printing is so good that we don't need to look out for another company.