View Full Version : How about is coverage of Dopple Anastigmat 420mm

25-Mar-2005, 18:34
How about is the coverage of C.P Goerz Berlin Dopple Anastigmat 420mm F/7.7? How is it in 16x20 camera? thank you!

jerry brodkey
25-Mar-2005, 20:34
A 16 1/2 inch Dagor (f/7.7) will cover 11X14 wide open and 20X24
at f/32 according to the tables......... I have no personal experience......

Tracy Storer
26-Mar-2005, 08:37
Mine just covers 20x24 at f/22 with slightly dark corners, and fine at f/32 and smaller. It would be a great medium/wide lens for 16x20.