View Full Version : Printers and Postcards II

Bill McMannis
25-Mar-2005, 11:53
Earlier in the month I posted a question regarding printing postcards and having paper jams with the heavy stock. I was using an Epson 2200 with poor results.

One suggestion was to try Red River Paper. I ordered a box of their 2 sided, 65lb matte. While the results were wonderfully crisp, the Epson still would jam with maddening frequency. I emailed customer support. The next I received a voicemail message that acknowledged for high volume printing their paper would jam. The rep (who saddly I could not make out his name) suggested that since I was not creating materials under this application for long lasting use, I should try a Canon i9900.

The Canon i9900 arrived yesterday. This thing runs like a tank. I can fill the paper feed slot with the 65 lb paper, tell it to print twenty copies and when I come back later, IT HAS. Not a single jam.

Granted, I will continue to use the Epson for prints that I need to be color-fast, but for printing promotional materials, the Canon wins hands down.

Thanks to all who made suggestion.

Paul Cocklin
25-Mar-2005, 19:04
That's good news for me, too. I read that thread and ordered 65lb. matte paper that night. I'd been very dissappointed with some of the other card stock I've been using for promo postcards. The paper hasn't arrived yet, but I hope it doesn't jam in my Epson PSC 950. Thanks for the great tip, whoever suggested Red River.


Ted Harris
26-Mar-2005, 12:43
Red River was my suggestion. I stumbled across them while surfing the web some 8-9 months ago. Tried a couple of their sample boxes and have been delighted ever sine. I no wuse their papers almost to the exclusion of anything else. Great product and equally great technical support. The chap's name is Drew, BTW and you can reach im on the phone as well as by email. They actually have a range of printers sitting htere and chugging away all doay so when they answer a question about using their product on printer x or y they actually know waht they are talking about.

Bill McMannis
27-Mar-2005, 14:37

Thanks for the suggestion. The paper is great for this application. I really appreciate Drew being able to suggest a printer that would handle paper. He is an expert on all the current printers on market.

Thanks again.