View Full Version : What to do with spent C-41 and E-6 chemicals?

24-Mar-2016, 14:12
Hi all,

I have just bought a Jobo CPP for processing film, I haven't done this at home before and wondered what needs to happen to the spent chemistry?

I am based in the UK and understand that different countries will have different legislation on this so if any Brits could advise that would be great, thanks!


24-Mar-2016, 20:51
Blix and Fixer definitely need to go to your local photo lab for silver recovery. I save mine and recycle a couple times a year. The rest goes down the drain. I'm no expert here in the USA and certainly not in the UK. It's not like the old days with Formalin Hardeners/Fixers, this stuff was bad for people and environment. I would check with your local sewage treatment. One thing to consider is use a replenishment method, i.e. don't use a one shot process, replenish the chemicals. I use a 600mL batch size on my Jobo CPP2. By replenishing you will only create small amounts of waste at anyone time.
If you intend to replenish you will need the Fuji/Hunt 7 bath 5 liter kit, I buy Kodak C-41 in 5 Liter quantities. Of course number 1 rule is only buy the chemicals you are going to use.
Best Regards, Mike

25-Mar-2016, 02:04
Great thanks for the info.