View Full Version : How to open front cell of Super Symmar XL 80mm?

23-Mar-2016, 13:31
I have a Suepr Symmar XL 80mm. If course, this one is also not covered by Schneider's great life time warranty, and before i send it in for an unknown cost of repair, is there anyone with actual experience that could guide me on how to open up the front cell of this lens?
My rubber cups and pin/lenswrench are not doing their usual trick.

23-Mar-2016, 13:38
Don't most shops tell you the price of a repair for approval before they do an expensive job? If you don't want the job done, they charge you an hour or so of shop time and shipping and they send it back to you.

Richard Wasserman
23-Mar-2016, 15:00
Are you sure you really want to?

Does your lens have the dreaded haze? If so, I sent my hazy 110mm Super Symmar to Bob Watkins at Precision Camera Works and he cleaned it at a quite reasonable cost. Maybe shoot him an email?