View Full Version : Can you identify the model of this 45 Arca Swiss camera?

22-Mar-2016, 07:06
Hi, and thank you in advance.

I'm trying (with no results) to identify the exact model name of this Arca Swiss. Can you help?



neil poulsen
22-Mar-2016, 07:55
This model looks like some sort of intermediate model, mabe. The bellows appear to be a modern 171mm, Classic F design. Ditto the function carriers. For example, they're not the "Basic" version that release the standards using knobs.

I'm curious, I notice that there's only one knob on one side of the front standard? Is rise with the front standard gear driven? Is there only a single knob at the base of the rear standard, and is it gear driven?

If there's only a single knob on the rear standard as well, it's interesting that the single knobs on the two standards are on opposite sides. This could mean that you have two front standards, two rear standards, or one standard is reversed.

Do you have axis tilt on the front standard? I can't quite tell from the photograph, but it appears that there's no axis level knob on the right side of the camera as one faces the front of the camera. Is this correct?

Also, there's no centimeter scale that I can see on the front standard or function carrier. I found and installed a metric conversion kit (4x5 front and rear standards) onto my non-metric Classic F. So, I have the advantage of front and rear geared rise. But in so doing, I lost my centimeter scale front and back. (No loss, really.) I still have little lines I can match up between the standard and the function carrier for zeroing the camera. So, this makes me wonder if you have some sort of mixture between the two.

If you want an authoritative response to your question, consider contacting and sending multiple photos (both sides of camera) to Rod Klukas at www.rodclukas.com. He knows lots and lots about Arca Swiss cameras.

Rod Klukas
22-Mar-2016, 17:11
Neil is correct it is 171 series. However, it appears some felt Axis tilt was better than base or wanted both. They apparently have made a hybrid.
Probably OK for film as you can stop down to cover any non parallel problems front to rear.
Boards are still available and replacement bellows. The base was changed from the one shown in the late 1980's, so it is 1984 to 1988 roughly.
Be well,

23-Mar-2016, 14:57
Yep, me too I think it's a "customized" F-Classic.

Further images:




Do you have any information about the weight of the camera, since I'd like to use it outside the studio (actually, it is not mine yet)? Or do you suggest other cameras for this purpose?

Thank you