View Full Version : Film Labs in Dubai?

22-Mar-2016, 02:36
hello everyone,

I might be working on a project in Dubai in early April, photographing 4x5 or 6x9. Does anyone know a film lab in Dubai that process either 4x5 or 6x9?

And in general, when working abroad do you try to get your negatives developed abroad as well or do you take the undeveloped negatives with you on a plane (and through the xrays)?

Thanks for your help!

Tracy Storer
27-Mar-2016, 11:17
I think you are out of luck, I am working on and off in Abu Dhabi, and our producer lives in Dubai and has been in motion picture production for nearly 20 years there, he looked around with no results, as did a Facebook photographer friend of mine who also lives in Dubai. I Fedexed (OR DHL'ed) my 8x10 film back to San Francisco for processing.
If you (or anyone else) find anything, please let me know directly ?