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Mark Andes
23-Mar-2005, 23:42
This is the message I received today from Nikon USA. Hope it makes all feel better.

We have not received any information that indicates large format lenses are being discontinued. The 450 mm f/9 is still a current Nikon product.

Thanks for using Nikon products!
Nikon Inc. (USA) Support / Service

Scott Rosenberg
24-Mar-2005, 09:36
if memory serves, fuji officially denied that V50 was going to be replaced right up until the day their press release came out.

Ralph Barker
24-Mar-2005, 09:58
Re "official denial" - remember Adam Osborn and his infamous pre-announcement of the Osborn II (lugable) computer? ;-)

Michael Kadillak
24-Mar-2005, 12:50
Since $1,000 lenses do not go out the door as fast as film, I am inclined to believe the sales staff even if it means that the status may change down the road. Fuji's incentive to keeping quiet is clearly to insure an effective transition to the newer emulsion with the least amount of product disruption to the consumer. Nikon could not give a hoot one way or the other as LF lens sales are simply cash flow to them as advertising in this sector ceased 10 years ago. They would be stupid to not milk this cow as long as they can.

Keep the faith!


Oren Grad
24-Mar-2005, 14:47
Sorry folks, but on the Japanese website, the 450M has been moved from the current product section to a separate listing labeled "seisan syuuryoo", which literally means that production has ceased. It may be that Nikon USA has some left in the warehouse.

24-Mar-2005, 16:15
Hello everyone,

First of all, I'd like to properly introduce myself and thank you all for enormous help in my LF start-up process. I recently started shooting 4x5, and the vast amount of resources available in this forum has been invaluable. I've been just lurking and sponging over the last several months because virtually all my beginner questions had been asked and answered.

As the 300mm M is on my current Mine-Before-I-Die list, I got curious by the original 450mm M thread and looked around.

Regarding the discontinued section at Nikon Japan website, it is stated (I'm Japanese, BTW) that "Nikon has ceased production of the listed products and there is no remaining inventory at the manufacturer (i.e. Nikon)." Oren (do you speak/read Japanese?) is right. As far as the 450mm M goes, it seems clear you can get one new only out of what's left in the distribution channel, or used. They wouldn't "end production" of a lens only for the Japanese market, would they? It is also stated that "not all discontinued products are listed." I'm not sure whether this simply means "older products are not listed" or also "products are current as long as Nikon has inventory." Probably I'm trying to read too much...

As to the future of LF Nikkors, the Nikon site says nothing (understandably). I Googled in Japanese but found no discussion about the future of LF Nikon lenses. Apparently the Japanese LF community is not particularly worried (or unaware), except that I saw a weird rumor that LF Nikon lenses are manufactured by Tamron... Nikon Japan's customer service does not provide an e-mail address, so I haven't contacted them (I live in Michigan, USA). I suspect they would deny everything even if I called. Such uncertainties are common and to degrees real for all film-based photo equipment and supplies nowadays, so worrying wouldn't help much. I'll just keep the possibility in mind and adjust my purchase decisions accordingly.

Also FYI, during the research I found that instruction manuals for Nikon photo products (yes, in different languages) may be obtained from Nikon, if available. I don't know how far back they maintain the materials. They ask overseas customers to contact the local distributor first but will send you one if that fails (supposedly and if you ask nicely!). Although you may already know it, the deeply buried URL is:


You can purchase them (~$3/copy for lenses) as well, but this service is available only in Japan and requires Japanese money order. If you are looking for a set of manuals rather badly, I could make an inquiry about availability and get them for you (provided you pay the costs) via my relations in Japan. Let me know.

Oren Grad
24-Mar-2005, 17:01

Hontoo ni osewa ni natte orimasu!

It's pretty common for a photographic equipment manufacturer to keep listing a product as current so long as stock remains, even if production has been stopped. But at least from browsing Japanese photo monthlies for the last 13 years or so, it does appear to me that when a Japanese manufacturer announces "seisan syuuryoo", it really does mean that the end is very near.

24-Mar-2005, 23:06

Kochira koso itsumo taihen osewa ni natte orimasu.

For that reason, I believe it's true. I can't see any reason for Nikon to make a false announcement particularly for a product of that caliber, though the remaining supplies may last for years. I'll keep an eye on the rumours regarding the rest of the M-series. I do have Fijinon C on my list as an equal alternative, and now those G-Clarons look pretty good, too...