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Tim Meisburger
18-Mar-2016, 04:58
I cannot afford to shoot Velvia in 4x5 anymore, but found a place here that can develop E6 and a local film seller with Velvia 50 listed in 120, so thought I could get some and shoot some color with my roll film holder. But when I called they only had two rolls, and a three roll minimum for free shipping. So I thought I would mix it up, and get a couples of rolls of something muted and pastel. I think that look can be nice for some portraits and still life. I thought I would get Provia f, but maybe there is something better? I read online that color negative film processed in E6 gives muted pastels. Any thoughts on this critical issue?

18-Mar-2016, 05:32
If you're going to process as a neg, and want muted colors, how about Portra 160?

18-Mar-2016, 05:37

18-Mar-2016, 05:45
Fuji 50. Very good and a great match for printing Ilfochrome Classic.

18-Mar-2016, 06:31
I'd say Astia if you want slides, Portra if not.

18-Mar-2016, 06:52
Considering he is buying from a dealer, suggestions of films no longer in production probably doesn't help.

Portra is the obvious choice, but if you want an E-6 film, I am afraid there is only Provia as an alternative, at least until Film Ferrania gets up and running. There's also a Rollei film, Digibase CR-200, but I doubt they carry that. I have a bulk roll of it waiting in my freezer to try one day.

Bruce Watson
18-Mar-2016, 07:48
What is the opposite of Velvia 50?

I vote for TMY-2, that is 400Tmax. Can't get much more opposite than that. ;)

OK, Ok, sitting back down and shutting back up now....

Richard Wasserman
18-Mar-2016, 07:58
I vote for TMY-2, that is 400Tmax. Can't get much more opposite than that. ;)

OK, Ok, sitting back down and shutting back up now....

I was going to suggest Tri-X, but I chose to resist.

I'm glad I'm not the only wise-ass here.....

I do think that Tim is looking for color film however and my suggestion would be Portra 160. It's a lovely film.

Drew Wiley
18-Mar-2016, 13:51
He's looking for a different car and you guys are trying to sell him a boat ?? In terms of extant chrome films, there just aren't many left. Velvia and Provia, that's
about it, unless someone has something in a freezer somewhere.

David Lobato
18-Mar-2016, 16:39
It's too bad 4x5 E-6 choices are few. I used to like Kodak Ektachrome 64 EPR (that was way back when). It had a soft contrast and I saved it for snow and ice scenes where it wasn't as likely to blow out highlights. Then I liked Astia but then Fuji had other ideas.

The OP could try Provia with a 1/3 to 1/2 stop over exposure to soften color saturation, which is the opposite of the traditional trick of under exposing to increase saturation in color transparency film.

Tim Meisburger
19-Mar-2016, 02:38
Thank you!

My choices in Kodak are Ektar 100, Portra 160 and Portra 400. In Fujifilm they have Acros 100, Pro 160NS, Pro 400H, and Provia 100F. I don't really care if its a positive or negative film.

What I'm getting from this is Portra, or over-expose Provia. Any preference in the Portra between 400 and 160?

19-Mar-2016, 06:31
I am looking for the same thing in a film that you are. I don't have any personal Portra experience yet, having just started shooting color a few weeks ago--but before I did, I looked at a LOT of photos on the web, and it was definite that 160 is the more pastel version, so that's the one I'm trying now. I have high hopes for this project since I don't like color in general. I did buy a couple of rolls each of all of the Portras, just to test (the advantages of shooting 35mm!) and a processing kit. When/if I figure this out to my satisfaction, then I'll try it in 4x5.

Take a look at Alec Soth's work (http://alecsoth.com/photography/)--I think he mostly uses Porta 160, in 6x7 format. That's the quality of color I'm looking for.

8-Apr-2016, 23:43
I'd say Astia if you want slides, Portra if not.

Thanks for your suggestion .

9-Apr-2016, 06:00
Portra 160 (developed in c41 of course)
You can always boost the contrast or compromise the dynamic range after scanning if you want.

Tim Meisburger
9-Apr-2016, 06:34
Thanks JP. Portra 160 is what I ended up buying. Now I'm getting used to shooting 6x7 on the 4x5.

9-Apr-2016, 06:58
I will want to hear how that goes. I did it years ago, in a technical situation, but a recent camera buy brought me a Calumet CN back in the package, so I'm curious to try it again for real photography. What camera/situation are you using it in?

MultiFormat Shooter
18-Apr-2016, 19:01
...try Provia with a 1/3 to 1/2 stop over exposure to soften color saturation...

Would you tell the lab to "pull" it or just develop it normally? I have under-exposed/push-processed E6 a fair amount, but never over-exposed it...at least not on purpose.:)

Tim Meisburger
18-Apr-2016, 21:50
Just saw this Michael. I bought a Calumet roll film holder just so I could shoot color on all my 4x5s, only some of which have a Graflok back. I shoot color relatively rarely, but some subjects demand it. I used to carry ten holders, with two loaded with color, and use those when I needed to, but now I will carry that roll film holder instead. I'll probably leave it at home when I am travelling light, as it is heavy as hell.