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Robert Skeoch
23-Mar-2005, 13:00
I already have a wisner 8x10 but have been considering something larger. I've found the 8x20's are just too cumbersome so have looked at 7x17's. Seem's to be the answer for me. My question is what camera options do I have. I know Wisner and Phillips both make one. What other camera builders currently offer the format?
-Rob Skeoch

Jorge Gasteazoro
23-Mar-2005, 13:17
Keith Canham, Gandolfi, Ebony, Lotus. If you are not in a rush you might want to wait until May and I will write a review of a new camera made by James Chinn, a member of APUG. He is starting production for his cameras and is selling them at very reasonable prices. I bought a 12x20 for $2400 including two holders. He promised to deliver it in the first week of May, so I am anxiously wating. BTW I think the 7x17 will be even cheaper.....drop me a line if you want his e mail address.

Oren Grad
23-Mar-2005, 14:05
Jim Chinn has quoted a price of less than $2000 for a 7x17 kit. Jorge, I'm looking forward to seeing your review of the 12x20 and your reaction to the general design concept and its execution.

Dick Phillips doesn't usually make 7x17s, but has been building one last batch over this past year. He's nearing the end, finishing off the last ones and working his way to the bottom of his waiting list. It may be that all are spoken for, but to be sure you'd need to ask Dick. If you want to contact him, note that he's on the road until 3/31 so you may not hear back until after that.

Benno Jones
23-Mar-2005, 14:31
I've heard that Shen-Hao is developing a 7x17, but no one seems to know when it might be available. What's the photographic equivalent of vapor-ware?

Benno Jones
Seattle, WA

23-Mar-2005, 15:06
If you want a nice light 7x17 the Wisner comes in at 10 lbs or so. I use one and it is a favorite of mine because of its lightness. I have one more 7x17 on order due in a couple of months if you are interested. Emile. www.deleon-ulf.com

Michael Kadillak
23-Mar-2005, 16:12
What exactly was it about the 8x20 as being "cumbersome" that you feel a 7x17 might resolve? Three inches of width and an inch of height among friends is rather inconsequential since they are all rather "big" cameras. Even if you get around the weight the size is what it is.

Maybe just an adapter back for your 8x10 to get to a panoramic proportion such as 5x12 (Tilman Crane article in the latest View Camera) or 4x10 would get you to where you want to be without to much problem. All your lenses for 8x10 would cover and your could simply cut existing film stock to sequester your needs. Film holders would need to be procured, but that should not be a problem. Just an alternative to consider.


Jay Wolfe
23-Mar-2005, 17:18
I'd bet Wisner could create a 7x17 back for your 8x10. The primary difference is the spacing of the rails which Wisner glues to the base of the frame.

michael Allen
23-Mar-2005, 18:57
Call Dick Phillips, I took a shot in the dark a couple of months ago and phoned him so I could be on the waiting list for an 11x14. Low and behold, The buyer for his last camera backed out and I became the lucky owner. I owned two Ebonys before I purchased one of Dicks and I kick myself for not doing so earlier, they are rock solid and I personaly love the design. Dick is first rate to purchase from as well, he almost always picks up the phone when you call and he walked me through all my rookie ULF questions I could throw at him. Good luck.