View Full Version : Kodak Portrait 12in Ilex#5 shutter diameter?

17-Mar-2016, 06:41
I've discovered yesterday my front ring and original cap were lost. I've used this lens 4 weeks ago in a rental studio and I guess it's the place where I ve lost it. Arghh
So this morning I'm trying to check some ring to buy, and after removing the front cell of my other Ilex #5 ( B&L Aero Tessar 4.5/254mm), I see diameters are not identical.
Is it possible? Ilex#5 shutter made for Kodak are different?
Do you know what is the right diameter ?
Thank you (and I apologize for my english)

17-Mar-2016, 13:48
(I don't tell about flange but front thread...)

Michael Clark
17-Mar-2016, 13:55
Yes they are different , the shutters made for Kodak have different sizes, don't know why just Kodak I guess.

17-Mar-2016, 20:09
SK Grimes website has a very good section on lens threads and flanges and such. check there under products.