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Megan Clements
23-Mar-2005, 08:19
What is the latest camera invented called? I have searched, and I get a different answer every time:~)

Gem Singer
23-Mar-2005, 08:31
Hi Megan,

If you are referring to large format cameras, do you mean the Layton 4X5 camera, or the newest model of the Arca Swiss 4X5 camera?

Dean Tomasula
23-Mar-2005, 08:34
The latest camera invented is the digital SLR. But if you mean the newest model of camera, you need to clarify if you talking about large format, medium or 35mm or digital.

It's unclear from your question what you're looking for.

Megan Clements
23-Mar-2005, 08:40
sorry i didn't clarify, i'm was looking for the newest model of camera...i just found the latest camera invented.

23-Mar-2005, 08:41
You want one of them Banquet cameras. Can take a whole set of wedding pictures with one click. The whole banquet. Real time saver.

Gem Singer
23-Mar-2005, 08:41
What camera is that, Megan?

Megan Clements
23-Mar-2005, 08:56
The Samsung Digimax U-CA3 is the latest camera...at least, that's what my friend said.

paul owen
23-Mar-2005, 10:21
Samsung Digimax ... that's NOT a camera! :)

neil poulsen
23-Mar-2005, 12:47
Determine your needs, and then work with a reliable dealer whom you trust to determine the camera that will meet those needs.

Don't just go for the latest camera invented. Otherwise, you're bound to be disappointed.

23-Mar-2005, 13:50

If you're referring to the latest and greatest digital camera... there is NO such thing as the latest and greatest. Manufacturers are coming out with new models as fast as you can say, "latest and greatest!" And, as soon as you've bought the latest and greatest... it's already old news! Remember, digital is still evolving.

Secondly, the latest and greatest camera may not, in fact, be what you require. Don't get bamboozled into this trap. As Neil suggests... find a good, reliable dealer who's willing to work with you in matching your needs to the appropriate camera.

Lastly, keep in mind that your photographic skills are evolving and that what is appropriate today... may not be in the future.