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14-Mar-2016, 20:31
For those who still have and are shooting Kodak Technical Pan film,what are you using for your developer?Im happy with what i came up with but am interested in more ideas..here is my formula ,it works for me for now and has similar results to Technidol .ideas,comments,revisions are welcome.
-5 Grams Metol
-20 Grams Sodium Sulfite
-25 Grams Sodium Carbonate
-water to make 946 ml
- for use ,dilution 1:16 at 20 c degrees
( this is basically Beutler 105 only less Sodium Sulfite and a different dilution)
I shoot the film at ISO 20

more incite to this film development is welcome,and /or comments on this film,what has worked for you ?

14-Mar-2016, 23:01
If your preference is for a High-Definition Developer...
I would start with something similar to the following:

Beutler (Per L of Working Solution).
Metol 1.0 g
Sodium Sulfite 5.0 g
*Sodium Carbonate 5.0 g

FX1 (Per L of Working Solution).
Metol 0.5 g
Sodium Sulfite 5.0 g
*Sodium Carbonate 2.5 g

*Then, I would reduce and/or change my Accelerator accordingly.
Thank-you. -Tim.

15-Mar-2016, 06:46
I've had good results with 510-Pyro,1:300, semi-stand development for 20 mins at 70F (continuous agitation for the first minute, and 15 secs at 10 min mark.) EI 32.

Good luck!

Jim Jones
15-Mar-2016, 07:10
For most subjects I prefer ordinary continuous tone film in standard developers. Tech Pan was saved for high contrast images, and developed in Dektol. It also solarizes nicely in Solarol developer.

15-Mar-2016, 07:17
rodinal 1:100
brian kosoff processed his in c41 developer. I've read a little about it but have yet to try it myself. I don't have that much tech pan left but man, I love the stuff.

15-Mar-2016, 07:56
iso 200, dektol ( 1:3 ) ( or sprint paper developer ( 1:9 )) - 3 mins
i don't recommend shaking it like a paint can, unless it is roll film
there is a thread about that burried in the site archives

15-Mar-2016, 10:12
thanks for the comments and ideas.helpful stuff here,thanks again

Peter De Smidt
15-Mar-2016, 13:17
I did some developing of tech pan in C41 developer. It's a bit on the high contrast/low film speed scale. Things improved with TD-3.

15-Mar-2016, 16:46
Is there a market for a long roll of 'load your own' Tech Pan? Kept cool in the refrigerator, not in the freezer. Have been meaning to use it but realize it isn't going to happen.

15-Mar-2016, 20:04
Anyone try the Formulary TD-3?

16-Mar-2016, 01:44

The system keeps auto-changing the letters to lower case, not sure why, so I added periods, but it's spelled without the periods.

Tony Lakin
16-Mar-2016, 02:04
After much experimentation this is the best I have found


16-Mar-2016, 06:13
I've used TD-3. I was very happy with the results.

17-Mar-2016, 06:07
I still have Technidol but good to know of the alternatives when the time comes.

17-Mar-2016, 07:44
I use POTA because it basically is technidol to my understanding, I process it the same way, the results side by side were the same. So far as I could tell.

You can use any developer but you need a low contrast Dev to get the "normal" look from TP.

Sold off all my TP and technidol a few months ago, no time, it's fun but not necessarily usefully consistent as the price of used is high and storage from person to person is different.

Good luck!

Michael Rosenberg
18-Mar-2016, 11:46
For 120 film I have used X-Tol 1+5 or 1+6 (one shot) at 72F for 10 mins (N dev.) in Nikon reel tank using the agitation plan for POTA. I expose at ASA 60, and I get great results.


Donald Qualls
20-Mar-2016, 07:31
I've used Caffenol LC and Caffenol LC+C (low contrast versions of Caffenol) for microfilm stocks, including Adox CMS20, which are (relative to contrast and resolution, though not in spectral response) similar to Tech Pan. I prefer the non-staining LC+C version for this application, but it's worth testing both; preferences are very personal.

27-Mar-2016, 17:34
I still have Technidol but good to know of the alternatives when the time comes.

I have sufficient Technidol to process my two rolls of 135 and my box of 50 4X5.