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13-Mar-2016, 12:25
I shot a few 5x7 HP5 sheets with the Gundlach Korona, and found out the place in Kansas City I send my 4x5 to doesn't process 5x7. Is there anyplace in the Midwest that I can send it to? One of these days I need to start doing this stuff myself.

Kent in SD

Jim Noel
13-Mar-2016, 13:09
There is no time like the present!
Bite the bullet and get at it.

14-Mar-2016, 09:36
$10 in trays, a thermometer and another $15 in chemicals and you are set for a very long time.

14-Mar-2016, 13:17
How about Citizens Photo in Portland, Oregon?

14-Mar-2016, 15:34
How about Citizens Photo in Portland, Oregon?

Hey, looks like they still do it! I'll give them a call. I have a few sheets from a camera & holders I've never used before and need a quick check to see if they are working.

Kent in SD

Jim Andrada
16-Mar-2016, 01:25
Photographic Works in Tucson does everything from Minox to 11 x 14. I've personally only had them do Minox to 8 x 10, but one of the people there said they can do 11 x 14 as well. They've even done 110 for me recently.

B&W, C-41, E-6 (although I think now they only run E-6 once a week.)

16-Mar-2016, 13:52
Praus Productions in Rochester does basically all formats: http://www.4photolab.com/