View Full Version : AGFA AVITONE P3p: Does anyone have experience with this film?

12-Mar-2016, 08:53
I've been looking (and considering a purchase) at this film and the seller's examples. The images he has are scans of negatives and they have some very nice tonality. I found an Agfa PDF on this film that describes it as an orthochromatic, continuous tone duplication material for aerial images primarily. Spectral sensitivity is from about 330 to 620, the Characteristic Curve indicates relatively high contrast. There is data for machine and tray processing. Does anyone have first-hand--or credible second-hand--experience with this material? Thanks.

A PDF link is here; https://www.agfa.com/sp/global/en/binaries/AVITONE%20P1P%20%26%20P3P_tcm611-42582.pdf

And the eBay item # is; 222049558525