View Full Version : 4 x 5 Acros pricing

Jim Andrada
11-Mar-2016, 02:51
I was looking at B&H and they want $56 for a 20 sheet box. I checked the Japanese Yodobashi Camera website and they're asking around $35. I was planning to get some before heading to Japan in a couple of weeks but it's pretty obvious that I should wait and buy it there - we'll be staying within walking distance of one of their stores. I was astounded at the price difference.

11-Mar-2016, 03:05
Not all the stores stock the film. Assuming you are going to Tokyo, your best bet is to go to Shinjuku or Akibahara. I usually call in advance but that's because I'm buying a whole bunch to haul back to Taiwan. If you buy in Japan, you should separate your purchases into those for use in Japan and those you will definitely take out of the country. For the latter, you get an on the spot immediate refund of your VAT taxes (about 8%) of the purchase price. There is a minimum value; I think around 5000.

Jim Andrada
11-Mar-2016, 08:58
We'll be staying at the Shinjuku Hilton while we're in Tokyo so we can walk to the store. I think I can can order from their website for store pickup. Good point re keeping track of what's for export to save the 8% consumption tax. Sort of OT but I was surprised to learn that when you buy a house you also have to pay the 8% tax on it. We came close to having a house built in Japan a few years back and I discovered all kinds of "interesting" things in the process. We also learned a lot of other things we didn't really want to know about the taxation system when my wife sold property there last year.

While I was on the website I checked out Kodak and Ilford products and there's also a huge discrepancy in what you pay with Japan being higher by a lot than B&H/Adorama, etc.

Paul Cunningham
11-Mar-2016, 10:04
Amazon.co.jp may also be an option for you.