View Full Version : Horseman Board on Norma?

10-Mar-2016, 18:33
Searched but didn't find anything on this

I have a Horseman board from my Sinar P set which I'd assumed fit the Norma as well but I tried it and it's just a bit too thick to seat. Compared it to a Sinar board and it is thicker.

Never had any problems in the past with any Horseman boards on the P or F cameras.

Is this a known thing about Horseman-Norma compatibility?

10-Mar-2016, 22:33
Could be that the Norma has the twisted fiber/ yarn like light seal. Maybe this is just enough to not allow the board to seat just right. I too have had some trouble in the past trying to fit Horseman parts on Sinar cameras. It may be the tolerance for each part just happened to be on either side of each company's acceptable level. For me, most of the time the parts work together and only some time is there an issue.

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
11-Mar-2016, 11:30
Do regular Sinar boards fit in your Norma?

I have a very early Norma that does take regular Sinar boards. The boards that fit this camera are the green ones that are thinner than the later green and black ones.

11-Mar-2016, 11:36
Yes, so far haven't come across any Sinar boards that don't fit. Have only tried black ones, not green. They're tight, but good tight, not force it tight. The Horseman board is thicker and wouldn't go in at all.

Drew Wiley
11-Mar-2016, 12:37
You take your chances with off-brand generic Sinar/Horseman boards. The bellows interchange fine, but even the original name brand boards might not. And the
board fit on the Norma is especially tight to begin with. Any genuine Sinar board should fit just fine.