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9-Mar-2016, 12:02

I have here 50 Sheets of Orwo FO1 "fototechnischer Film" (exp 1989), new unopened box...

It says "Normal arbeitendes Halbtonmaterial - Orthochromatisch - blank-clear base" (normal working half-tone Material)

Do you have some tipps for estimated sensitivity of this film,
developing (in ID11?), and good (or bad) motivs for Ortho Film, have only Pan experience...

10-Mar-2016, 09:08
I got a tip that it should be similar to a Adox CMS20... that should mean ISO 16 guessed???

Michael E
10-Mar-2016, 12:42
It is a graphic arts film intended for copy use. I don't think it compares to any taking film. It has a very thin base and is usually processed in a special developer (ORWO A71, which is very close to paper developer), much stronger than film developer. Your FO1 is well suited for regular photography. There were different types of film: FU unsensitized (blind to every color except blue), FO orthochromatic (blind to red light, can be handled with a red safelight), FP panchromatic (must be handled in total darkness).

There were versions with different contrast, given in gamma. I have seen 1, 3, 5, and 6. 5 and 6 are extremely hard, but can be overexposed and underdeveloped to show a scale of grays (I rate them at 1.5 ASA). 3 works well with regular film developer (I rate it at 12 ASA). 1 should work well with paper developer or strong solutions of film developer (I have no experience concerning EI). After all these years, many of my boxes show a stronger density around the edges of every sheet, probably very high base fog.

Try the film, it should be fun. It's a good starter film, because you can load and process it by sight. It feels very flimsy, and I don't think that it comes even close to the quality of a decent general-purpose b/w film.

10-Mar-2016, 13:24
thanks for your answer! I will try...

How will I know where the emulsion side is of the Orwo FO1?
My Foma has a nose up right when you lokk to the emulsion side. Is sthis standard with all sheet films?

Does anyone know the Agfa N33p ? Sould be an halfrone-ortho-Film???

Michael E
10-Mar-2016, 19:23
My Foma has a nose up right when you lokk to the emulsion side. Is sthis standard with all sheet films?

Yes. ORWO didn't identify different films with different notch codes, though. They all have a singe triangular notch. |---------v--|

17-Mar-2016, 15:07
I did the first testing today...

looks good. The 12 ASA tip seems very good.

took 12 ASA f8 1/4 sec and developed in ID11 stock 10 min ...