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21-Mar-2005, 03:40
I've been playing with Wimberly's wd2d+ and J&C 400. Shot at full emulsion speed. My Mix Has been 1.5- 2- 40 at 70 degrees for 10 min. brush development technique. Has any one else been using the wd2d+ formula?...and if so I would like to know of their results. I have been getting beautiful results with this combo.

Andre Noble
21-Mar-2005, 04:25
I've used it on roll film, hand inversion, nice results, especially with Ilford PanF and FP4+.

neil poulsen
21-Mar-2005, 21:13
Oh oh! Another Pyro thread. (Moderator)

Andre Noble
21-Mar-2005, 21:40
Don't like pyro?

neil poulsen
22-Mar-2005, 00:10
I think I better be careful here. Given it's reputation, it must be an excellent developer, and this forum is a perfect place for discussing this developer. But, people become so passionate about pyro. This is all I meant with my comment.

22-Mar-2005, 05:49
18 year old scotch....i'm passionate about......pyro is just a tool....I don't know just how great wd2d+ is, apparently I'm one of just a few using it if you go by this post

Craig Schroeder
22-Mar-2005, 11:37
When he updated the formula to the plus version, it included EDTA. Does anyone know what the original formula adjustments are in the plus version?

22-Mar-2005, 12:38
Craig, Yes edta tetrasodium is the only new additive that is posted. But the concentrations evidently have changed also. The wd2d+ is recommended at a 1-1-50 mix while the original formula was mixed 1-1-15. Being it is a propietary formula I guess it is top secret. That part I don't understand - Is the market for pyro developers so great and is wd2d+ so good as to keep the formula a secret when every other pyro formula is posted? Or is it just about money?