View Full Version : KODAK Film No. 10 Spool- 70mm needed

5-Mar-2016, 06:32
Hello need Kodak Film No. 10 Spool-70mm.
Is 92mm diameter and has special edged axis-holes. could also acept smaller diameter e.g. 66mm
see images147588147589

11-Mar-2016, 13:38
I am now using a shim under the screw to attach to a 70mm-back. if i cant get these reels, best solution is creating a tube over the too small axis like there is in the Alden 70mm bulkfilmloader. unfortunately that one is too slim. Problem is i cannot use two of the large metallic 70mm spools together. one small no 10-see above- and one bigger.

11-Mar-2016, 18:48
I have 6 of these, pictures attached. Measures 3 5/8 inches across. PM me your address and I can send you some


12-Mar-2016, 09:14
3d print some new ones? That's what people are using nowadays to convert obsolete folding cameras to 120 film these days (3d printed adapters).