View Full Version : T-MAX 100 and Tetenal Ultrafin*?

4-Mar-2016, 10:04
Could not find a thread about this, but please link to it if it does exists.

I'm semi-new to adjusting exposure and film-development according to the zone system (and its been a while since a I did my own film-developing), but want to play around with T-MAX 100 4x5". I'm mainly considering Tetenal Ultrafin T-Plus or Tetenal Ultrafin Liquid (with Fomacitro Stop Bath and T-MAX fix).

My main goal is to have fun moving zones up and down, all other aspects of film development are secondary.

First question:
Would you rather recommend another developer than Tetenal Ultrafin...?

Second question:
If no other choice than Tetenal Ultrafin, would you go for the "standard Liquid" or the T-Plus?

Third question:
I would not mind starting from scratch, but do you know of any known suggestions for achieving N+/-1, N+/-2 development already published, for either Tetenal Ultrafin T-Plus or Tetenal Ultrafin Liquid?