View Full Version : Karen Kuehn Book project

Kirk Gittings
3-Mar-2016, 13:22
Karen moved to New Mexico some years ago after an outstanding career in New York as both a commercial and fine art photographer. IMHO she is one of the most interesting and creative people I have ever met. I have her give a mini two day workshop in all my classes at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design and she is an amazing teacher in addition to her other enormous talents. She has photographed me numerous times and it is always an amazing experience.



Jim Becia
3-Mar-2016, 17:46
Thanks for posting this Kirk. I had seen the Kickstarter project and was on the fence. However, I just pledged based on your post. I have supported several book projects and have not been disappointed yet. Thanks. Jim

Kirk Gittings
3-Mar-2016, 17:57
Thanks Jim. That's great.