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Kirk Gittings
3-Mar-2016, 12:53

Some years ago Mark and I co-presented together at a View Camera Conference. This is the work that was in his slide show then. It blew me away then and continues to now. It has stood the test of my time. Superb. Count me in.

Richard Wasserman
3-Mar-2016, 13:06
Thanks for this Kirk. I love Mark Citret's work and have signed on.

3-Mar-2016, 13:18
Thank-you, for bringing this exceptional Book Project to our attention Kirk. Greatly appreciated!
Yes, Mark Citret is definitely... 'As Good as it Gets!' Count me in also...

Best regards, -Tim.

Roger Thoms
3-Mar-2016, 17:59
Kirk thanks for posting, just backed Mark Citret's project. This is exciting, can't wait for the book.


Hugo Zhang
3-Mar-2016, 18:06
I am in as well. I visited Mark last year and what a wonderful person he is!

Richard Wasserman
5-Mar-2016, 11:32
I received an email that Mark Citret reached his goal in only 3 days. Well done!

5-Mar-2016, 11:48
Good to hear he met his goal! I shared the walls of the Ansel Adams Gallery with Mark for a two-person show many years ago, but strangely enough, we never met. Beautiful work!

Kirk Gittings
5-Mar-2016, 12:22
Still a great idea to back this and get a signed copy!

Drew Wiley
7-Mar-2016, 13:16
I haven't chatted with him in quite awhile. Glad to see he's still at it!

7-Mar-2016, 15:31
Mark's a great guy, quiet, thoughtful, with some really beautiful work

Michael R
9-Mar-2016, 08:55
I consider him to be one of the "quiet giants" of photography. A really nice guy and excellent craftsman.

I think he's going to be doing a presentation at this year's Photostock gathering.

Richard Wasserman
11-Jul-2016, 14:18
I received my copy of Parallel Landscapes today. It's stunning! I'll be spending much more time with it—much to admire and learn