View Full Version : Jobo ATL - few questions for owners

2-Mar-2016, 10:48
I owned great Jobo ATL3 but it dyied last year. So, now I am creating my own version of this ATL machine - completely new body, (much smaller) and completely new electronics. I am almost finished - the last thing is software. And I forgot few things - can you please help me?

1. Is the change of drum rotation random, or always the same? If random in which range? (aproximetely - like from 2-5 rotations, or so)
2. How long is the drum rotating in rinse mode, between each flush?

Next questions will maybe come :) Thank you!

6-Mar-2016, 09:50
I can give better answers later, but from memory it rotates 2.5 turns before changing. The rinse is every 30 sec. but 10-15 sec. of it is the dump time. If I was redoing it, I would change this so it would increase times between rinses, and make it programmable. I was thinking of hacking the firmware on mine for that.

9-Mar-2016, 06:20
Thank you very much!
So, I decided to start with 30sec and then every next change of water will be +10sec.