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Frank Bagbey
19-Mar-2005, 18:01
I cannot believe only 41 to 45 people are monitoring this forum daily. It is time for a roll call.
Check in and leave your name or nickname. We will see how many show up over the next several days.

ronald moravec
19-Mar-2005, 18:05
Present and accounted for

Steve Hamley
19-Mar-2005, 18:08


Jeremy Moore
19-Mar-2005, 18:09
What he said.

Scott Rosenberg
19-Mar-2005, 18:10
me too.


Dave Moeller
19-Mar-2005, 18:11
Here! (And I just found out that messages have an 8 character minimum.)

19-Mar-2005, 18:13
Here I sits,

broken hearted....

Darin Boville
19-Mar-2005, 18:25



Oren Grad
19-Mar-2005, 18:38
Frank -

Are you taking those numbers from the email-notification count when you post a message? I check in here pretty regularly, but I don't use that feature.


MacGregor Anderson
19-Mar-2005, 18:38
Pretty new here, but I check in all the time. I'd post more, but nobody wants to hear about how eight 16x20s fell into the tub after the drying racks (window screens) slipped off the top of the shower door two days ago. Or how I found the cat drinking out of the archival print washer that was running on the deck. Or my mishaps with split grade printing (most recent magic bullet). Nah, mostly I just read and learn.


Ted Harris
19-Mar-2005, 18:41
hand raised

Andrew O'Neill
19-Mar-2005, 18:41
How's it going, eh?

19-Mar-2005, 18:42
Read several times daily, but seldom reply to anything. Learn some, trash some.

Sal Santamaura
19-Mar-2005, 18:45
Daily, almost since the beginning (1999).

19-Mar-2005, 18:47
ciao tutti

Steve Clark
19-Mar-2005, 18:47
Here, except when I`m not...Sorry, wierd sense of humor...

John Kasaian
19-Mar-2005, 18:50
Here!(More or less)

Gudmundur Ingolfsson
19-Mar-2005, 18:51
Heilsid öllum heima rómi thídum.....

Juergen Sattler
19-Mar-2005, 19:03
I check in multiple times a day - love this forum!

Guy Boily
19-Mar-2005, 19:04
Check several times a week and sometimes contribute.
Quebec, Canada
Cheers, Guy

Steve Rowell
19-Mar-2005, 19:05
Yo! .............

David A. Goldfarb
19-Mar-2005, 19:05
Testing, one, two. . . testing. . .

(I don't use the e-mail notification feature either).

Hening Bettermann
19-Mar-2005, 19:07
For the time beeing, almost daily. But this may vary. This is an incredibly informative forum, and I'll use the opportunity to express a huge THANK YOU to the initiatior and all the contributors.

Jim McD
19-Mar-2005, 19:09
Out here lurking on a Saturday night, glad my pc does not have a breathalizer

Calamity Jane
19-Mar-2005, 19:09
I'm not here, never have been, and never will be . . . and if that makes sense to you, you're nuttier than I am :-)

Curtis Nelson
19-Mar-2005, 19:13
I'm here...

Michael Kadillak
19-Mar-2005, 19:22
Up for a short time for air!


Sara P
19-Mar-2005, 19:24
I'm here daily...you just never see me...

Gary Samson
19-Mar-2005, 19:25
I'm here also.

Mark Stahlke
19-Mar-2005, 19:29
Long time lurker. This s my second post.

19-Mar-2005, 19:31
Always here. Always reading. Never speaking.

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
19-Mar-2005, 19:35
Seems to me that this question could be answered more or less accurately by the administrators.

In any case, I usually browse through every day or so.


19-Mar-2005, 19:37
Yo !.....

Michael Ervolina
19-Mar-2005, 19:41
Present! I'm a nOOb as the kids would say. But I am here, such as I am.

Alec Jones
19-Mar-2005, 19:42
I refuse to participate in polls. So, please destroy this posting before reading it.

Jeffrey Scott
19-Mar-2005, 19:48

Graeme Hird
19-Mar-2005, 19:48
Like Calamity Jane, I'm not here either. And I don't come here two or three times a day.

Jim Rice
19-Mar-2005, 19:55
When I see some of the dumb stuff I say in here, the idea of a USB breathalizer seems like a pretty good idea.

Mark Fisher
19-Mar-2005, 19:59
one more.........

Paul Cocklin
19-Mar-2005, 20:02
...and gentlemen in England now abed,
Shall think themselves accurs'd they were not here,
And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
That fought with us upon St. Crispin's day.

Andre Noble
19-Mar-2005, 20:02

Danny Burk
19-Mar-2005, 20:09

19-Mar-2005, 20:14
Everyday, at least one thread that's either insightful or funny or makes me want to rip my hair out.

Jorge Gasteazoro
19-Mar-2005, 20:14
Huh? where am I?.......

Tom Davis
19-Mar-2005, 20:18
Happy to say I continue my education here daily (....really, guys! (and gal!))...

Brian Schall
19-Mar-2005, 20:23
Here almost daily. Beats working.

Vick Vickery
19-Mar-2005, 20:35
Usually look in a couple of times a day.

jerry brodkey
19-Mar-2005, 20:36
The list is growing.....

Steve Williams_812
19-Mar-2005, 20:40
Fresh from the darkroom....

I read this forum everyday.

Steve McKinney
19-Mar-2005, 20:46

I visit daily.

David G. Gagnon
19-Mar-2005, 20:50
Though I only occasionally post, I am here, reading daily. Guess I'm a sponge.


Paul Fitzgerald
19-Mar-2005, 20:56
Here, and still typing.

Richard Wasserman
19-Mar-2005, 20:58
Here I am, I'm over here... Helloooo....

Rick Heitman
19-Mar-2005, 20:59
Come here everyday.

Dave Langendonk
19-Mar-2005, 21:06
Here once a week or so...

fred arnold
19-Mar-2005, 21:06
Present and Accounted For.

George Stewart
19-Mar-2005, 21:20
Several times per day.

19-Mar-2005, 21:20
not a subscriber - but a daily reader

RJ Hicks
19-Mar-2005, 21:21
I check it daily. I like this forum and have found plenty of information over the years, someday I will be good enough to leave some helpful info too.

Craig Schroeder
19-Mar-2005, 21:23
I read it every day. I'm just another learning lurker....

Catherine Wheeler
19-Mar-2005, 21:24
Also a learning lurker who visits daily.

Gem Singer
19-Mar-2005, 21:26
All present and accounted for, Sir!

19-Mar-2005, 21:32
Late as usual...

Jeff Ball
19-Mar-2005, 21:35

Richard Rankin
19-Mar-2005, 21:36
I check daily but rarely post.

Scott Fleming
19-Mar-2005, 21:38

dan nguyen
19-Mar-2005, 21:39
still here....
checking the board once a while when I'm not away from my computer

19-Mar-2005, 21:40
where's tribby?

Eric Leppanen
19-Mar-2005, 21:49

19-Mar-2005, 21:52
Ya sure you betcha


Melchi M. Michel
19-Mar-2005, 21:55
Here daily.

Charles D. Ewen
19-Mar-2005, 21:57
Hmm, 41 - 45, Frank? Computers lie!

Rick Russell
19-Mar-2005, 21:58
I am on every day and enjoy the forum immensely!

joe a kras
19-Mar-2005, 22:00
Yep.....always lurking.That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Mark Windom
19-Mar-2005, 22:02
Reply #70 here....

Reinhold Schable
19-Mar-2005, 22:05
Several times a day...

Mike Cockerham
19-Mar-2005, 22:06
Late at night and I'm still here. Check several times a day but you can't prove it.

Michael Legan
19-Mar-2005, 22:08
Who said only 45 check daily??

19-Mar-2005, 22:21
Every day or so...

John Letcher
19-Mar-2005, 22:29
Me too!............

19-Mar-2005, 22:31
Another lurking, daily monitor.

Frank Bagbey
19-Mar-2005, 22:37
Hot Diggity! This is a humdinger! No telling what we might hit after 24 hours or so.
If you have never posted before, now is the time to do so. Hopefully, a lot of forum subscribers are in the darkroom turning out fine prints and will stumble out of the darkroom only to discover this thread and see what they are "missing".
Don't count this post in the tally.

Mark Carstens
19-Mar-2005, 22:55
Lurker? True that. Geez, it's my home page and I rarely find time to do much more than peruse the incoming posts. Love it just the same though.

Peter Harris
19-Mar-2005, 23:10
Every day, still learning

Jacques Augustowski
19-Mar-2005, 23:15

Jacques Augustowski

Ron Marshall
19-Mar-2005, 23:16
Here most days for the past month or so.

Great information.

Emmanuel BIGLER
19-Mar-2005, 23:16
Hello from France.

19-Mar-2005, 23:16
Every day

Philip Hutson
19-Mar-2005, 23:26
I'm sure 40-45 is way off. I have the email notification (it sends every posting that is added to the forum) turned on so I don't regularly go to the web site but I'm always reading the emails and learning lots.

David R Munson
19-Mar-2005, 23:37
I am here, and if you consider that I've been following this board at one location or another for something like 9 of my 23 years (how long has this thing been going, anyway?), something tells me I'm here to stay. :-)

Jay DeFehr
19-Mar-2005, 23:39
Okay. Wait.....what?

Roger Scott
19-Mar-2005, 23:43
I'm here. There seems to be a bit of a gender bias in the responses though.

Mike Lopez
19-Mar-2005, 23:50

Ross Chambers
19-Mar-2005, 23:55
Couple of times a week, just learning.

Very funny the cat drinking from the washer, beats the dog drinking from the dunny.


Dan Ingram
20-Mar-2005, 00:08
Here, and I read the posts daily -- my favorite forum!


Colin Myers
20-Mar-2005, 00:09
I watch almost daily and contribute very occasionally. Seems to me the 40-45 watchers is way off beam!

Peter Galea
20-Mar-2005, 00:10
Count me.

Aender Brepsom
20-Mar-2005, 00:16

I take a look here every day and have learned a lot already.
Thank you everybody for sharing your knowledge!

Ralph Barker
20-Mar-2005, 00:19
OK, where are the sweet rolls? Did y0u bring coffee, too, Frank? ;-)

Gregory Owens
20-Mar-2005, 00:28
I read the forum posts daily, and contribute occasionally.

domenico Foschi
20-Mar-2005, 00:50
Knock, knock..

Pete Watkins
20-Mar-2005, 00:59
I check at least once a day all the way from the Yoo K. I've learned so much.

Emrehan Zeybekoglu
20-Mar-2005, 01:01
You can count me among the regulars.

Armin Seeholzer
20-Mar-2005, 01:19
To be or not to be...
LF forever ;-)))

Ole Tjugen
20-Mar-2005, 01:21
Checking in from work on a Sunday morning.

Mark Sawyer
20-Mar-2005, 01:24
Me be here.

20-Mar-2005, 01:44
I´m checking almost daily! So many things still to learn ...


Paul Droluk
20-Mar-2005, 01:57
One more...

paul owen
20-Mar-2005, 01:59
Wouldn't miss it for the world!

George Hart
20-Mar-2005, 02:01
Me too!!!

Steve Bell
20-Mar-2005, 02:14
I read 2 - 3 times a day and don't use email notification.

Paul Ewins
20-Mar-2005, 02:18
I read most mornings while having my first coffee, but just don't have much to contribute so postings are fairly rare

20-Mar-2005, 02:25
Eh?... What?.... Did someone ring?..... Buggerit, I'm going back to bed.......

Leonard Metcalf
20-Mar-2005, 02:39
Here once or twice a week, unless wandering the wilderness....

Todd Schoenbaum
20-Mar-2005, 02:41
just lurking...

20-Mar-2005, 02:43
salve a tutti

Daniel Geiger
20-Mar-2005, 02:55
Howdy. Don't use e-mail notification as it clutters my inbox,and is not selective enough.

Julian Boulter
20-Mar-2005, 03:09
Hello from London! - Julian

Miguel Curbelo
20-Mar-2005, 03:35
I look in a couple of times a day -greetings from the Canary Islands.

Steven Kefford
20-Mar-2005, 04:09

I usually manage it at least twice a day.


Richard Fenner
20-Mar-2005, 04:19
Daily when I'm home.

John Berry ( Roadkill )
20-Mar-2005, 04:41
I'm retired so I live here. John AKA (roadkill)

Peter Bergdahl
20-Mar-2005, 04:44
I have been reading almost daily for the last few weeks. Get lots of good information here since i'm new to LF.

Anthony J. Kohler
20-Mar-2005, 04:57
I'm all here because I'm not all there.

Mike Lyons
20-Mar-2005, 04:57
Just out of the darkroom, still breathing fixer. Presently out of my mind, back soon. Checking here 8 days a week.

Mark Carney
20-Mar-2005, 05:09
I lurk daily.

Paul Butler
20-Mar-2005, 05:18
I check in a few times a day. One of my connections is a dial-up, and if I turn on the feature to be sent notices of each post, my in-box gets hopelessly clogged. So I just look at the new topics through my browser.

Edward (Halifax,NS)
20-Mar-2005, 05:25
I am here all day mon-fri. I keep a window open while I am working.

Kevin M Bourque
20-Mar-2005, 05:38
Here I be.

Robert A. Zeichner
20-Mar-2005, 05:56
checking in

Bruce Batchelor
20-Mar-2005, 05:57
Watching in windy Vancouver BC

Louie Powell
20-Mar-2005, 06:02
Checking in from Saratoga Springs.

Brian Ellis
20-Mar-2005, 06:13
I'm here daily but I post in non-linear time so you sometimes miss my messages.

Donald Hutton
20-Mar-2005, 06:21
Hand up...

20-Mar-2005, 06:29
Eh? I hope somebody made breakfast.

Garry Teeple
20-Mar-2005, 06:32
everyday, at least once if I'm home

Jeffrey Dionesotes
20-Mar-2005, 06:35
Oh, yes, AOAP.

j. kelly adams
20-Mar-2005, 06:37
usually here once a day..... sometimes more


20-Mar-2005, 06:37
present and accounted for

Arne Croell
20-Mar-2005, 06:38
I am here most days at least for a short time..

20-Mar-2005, 06:43

Richard Littlewood
20-Mar-2005, 06:48
Count me in from the north of England

Wayne March
20-Mar-2005, 06:55
Iam here every evening.

Steve Lewis
20-Mar-2005, 06:59
Present & correct...........



Nick Miller
20-Mar-2005, 06:59
Must read every day.

luis a de santos
20-Mar-2005, 07:03
I check twice a day.
I wish thre was more substance and less ego pounding.


Tjibbe Veeloo
20-Mar-2005, 07:10
Hello from St.Maarten Neth.Antillles, I read almost every day but don't post a lot.
I love this forum.
Tropical greetings to everyone.

Bill Jefferson
20-Mar-2005, 07:15
From home, or at work, read daily

Marie Dohoney
20-Mar-2005, 07:19
Check in daily, learn a lot.

Mikael Hofverberg
20-Mar-2005, 07:31
I'm also here. Mostly reading.

matthew blais
20-Mar-2005, 07:32
I am here, therefore I am.

Ken Lee
20-Mar-2005, 07:42
Many thanks

Tom Perkins
20-Mar-2005, 07:57
Here. Western Nevada.

Chuck Bradford
20-Mar-2005, 08:00
Still shooting the Wista in the Smokies.
Chuck Bradford

Henry Friedman
20-Mar-2005, 08:03
Read daily, post rarely.

Don Boyd
20-Mar-2005, 08:09
Nearly daily, twice daily sometimes. Tucson, AZ.

20-Mar-2005, 08:13
From Colington Island on the Outer Banks of North Carolina... I learn something here 2 to 3 times a day.

Thanks, and Happy Spring to those in the northern hemisphere!


Greg Tims
20-Mar-2005, 08:15
Several times daily.

"..From listening comes wisdom and from speaking repentance. "
- Anon

Fred Leif
20-Mar-2005, 08:18
Wave from the back of the room.

20-Mar-2005, 08:18
So what's the count thus far?

michael meyer
20-Mar-2005, 08:43
late on this one, but still a daily reader.

John Hollenberg
20-Mar-2005, 08:47
Yeah, I'm here.


Bruce Watson
20-Mar-2005, 08:53
I'm here. But what's the point of this???

David Schaller
20-Mar-2005, 09:04
I'm lurking, too, every day.
Dave Schaller

Gary J. McCutcheon
20-Mar-2005, 09:06
Was photographing, here for the moment.

Bruce E. Rathbun
20-Mar-2005, 09:07
Every day I check. Leaving footprints is a different matter.

-Bruce E. Rathbun

Jim Rhoades
20-Mar-2005, 09:22
Everyday that I'm home.

Hey Mac, I like to read about accidents. My favorite is C.J. power washing his film in the toilet.

Dominique Labrosse
20-Mar-2005, 09:30
I check-in almost every day.

Isaac Crawford
20-Mar-2005, 09:44
A couple times a day via RSS.

David Starr
20-Mar-2005, 09:49
I'm here every day. Always trying to learn.

Doug Herta
20-Mar-2005, 09:50
The first rule of Large Format Forum: Nobody talks about Large Format Forum

Donald Qualls
20-Mar-2005, 09:57
I'm here, too, practically every day -- and likewise, I don't use e-mail updates.

Neal Wydra
20-Mar-2005, 09:59

David Kaplan
20-Mar-2005, 10:14
Daily reader, very occasional contributor

Peter Moser
20-Mar-2005, 10:24
daily reader - from switzerland

David Karp
20-Mar-2005, 10:24
I visit frequently.

David Richhart
20-Mar-2005, 10:25
I don't have time to answer now, I'm on my way to the darkroom to load some holders with paper. I want to try scanning some paper negatives. I read about that technique on this forum a few days back. I guess it was TOO obvious for me to think of on my own.

35+ years of large format photography experience and still learning... on this forum. THANKS!

MIke Sherck
20-Mar-2005, 10:26
I usually browse through several times a day, less often on the weekend.

20-Mar-2005, 10:27
present and accounted for albeit late


Peter Collins
20-Mar-2005, 10:34
Since brevity is the soul of wit, and tediousness the outward limbs and flourishes, I will be brief.
Here with the winter blahs. That's all.

James Nasuta
20-Mar-2005, 10:37
At least once per day, mostly to soak up the vast amount of free information - PRICELESS.

Sam Crater
20-Mar-2005, 10:38
Did you know a message has to have 8 characters?

Ben Calwell
20-Mar-2005, 10:56
I'm here at least once a day.

David Luttmann
20-Mar-2005, 11:05
Every day....

Vijay Iyer
20-Mar-2005, 11:08
listening/learning daily

Tony Peacock
20-Mar-2005, 11:18
logging in occaisionally and learning.

Jon Wilson
20-Mar-2005, 11:32
Read forum just about every day. Rarely request to be notified of replies. Enjoy it alot! Agree with the note about egos abound. Chill......

lee nadel
20-Mar-2005, 11:35
everyday when i warm up my screen .cool

Darin Cozine
20-Mar-2005, 11:36
(waking up)

ANDREW JACKSON!! oh, um, 3.1416!

oh, present..

Graham Patterson
20-Mar-2005, 11:36
I usually look in once a day on average. This could be a very long thread!

20-Mar-2005, 11:51
Do I get to have the last word?, probably not..

20-Mar-2005, 12:23
well i havent been counting, but we are many, and there is still a few of the boddies missing.


20-Mar-2005, 12:25
Couple times a day, sometimes even with opinions.

J. P. Mose
20-Mar-2005, 12:27
Reporting to duty....

Brian Vuillemenot
20-Mar-2005, 12:35
So what's the current tally of responses?

Matt Long
20-Mar-2005, 12:37
I'm here ... at least since the last time I checked.

Robert C. McColloch
20-Mar-2005, 12:53
Yo! I'm here.

Scott Bacon
20-Mar-2005, 13:09
Still mostly lurking, and learning, after all these years...

Philippe Bedfert
20-Mar-2005, 13:11

Je lis ce forum tous les jours.

Michael Dowdall
20-Mar-2005, 13:13
??? HERE !!!

Frank Bagbey
20-Mar-2005, 13:21
Let's keep the roll call going. It has not been 24 hours yet. Also, some of the "Big Boys" on this forum have not been heard from yet. Hopefully, they are on a binge printing spree and going without food and water to turn out some master prints and will come dragging out of the darkroom to get on the computer before collapsing into deep sleep. Or maybe they are on photo safaris shooting the wildflower explosion or discovering new canyons and vistas and beach scenes.
(Sounds like I have been in the darkroom too much, doesn't it?)
So, lets keep the roll call going. The response has been fantastic. Far more responders than expected, and some great comments about the forum in general. Thanks.

Lutz Goldermann
20-Mar-2005, 13:29
One more from Germany. Every other day, at least. A wealth of information and motivation to keep on learning. Thanks for sharing your wisdom as well as your pitfalls. Both are very much appreciated.

Ed Eubanks
20-Mar-2005, 13:44
I'll check in...

Dan Fromm
20-Mar-2005, 13:51

This brings back memories of morning formation at 05 cold and dark 00. Who just threw a rock at the first sergeant?

jason schlachet
20-Mar-2005, 14:09
here. lurker here.

Merg Ross
20-Mar-2005, 14:29
Tardy but present. Spent yesterday in the darkroom; out today for some fresh air!

Erik Gould
20-Mar-2005, 14:43
big boys? are they more equal than the rest of us? anyway, I check in fairly regularly.

20-Mar-2005, 14:53
sorry, im late.

Barry Trabitz
20-Mar-2005, 14:54

I spend too much time lurking, not enough in the darkroom.

Colleen K
20-Mar-2005, 15:15
I check here everytime I'm on the computer, which is frequently-but being new to large format I tend to lurk and learn rather than post

jens peter
20-Mar-2005, 15:39
Copenhagen online....

Tommi Kähärä
20-Mar-2005, 16:13
Minäkin olen täällä...

Jeffrey Sipress
20-Mar-2005, 16:20
What's this all for, exactly?

20-Mar-2005, 16:22
I'm here :-) Listning & Learing.


John D Gerndt
20-Mar-2005, 16:39
Do I count?

ronald lamarsh
20-Mar-2005, 16:54
I can't say that I monitor this site every day religiously but am on at least 6 times a week.

Ernest Purdum
20-Mar-2005, 17:31
Just got back.

Jeff Corbett
20-Mar-2005, 17:35
I check this forum several times a week. Thanks to all the contributors. It's been a great educational resource for my LF and darkroom endeavors.


John Flavell
20-Mar-2005, 17:41
Hmmmm? What? Did someone call? www.flavellphotography.com or www.dailyindependent.com

Mike Lewis
20-Mar-2005, 17:49
I'm here. Still working up the nerve to shoot more Quickloads without shooting blanks.... (sigh)

Chris Pandino
20-Mar-2005, 18:02

gene LaFord
20-Mar-2005, 18:30
Here - present - not accounted for as of yet.


Bob Fowler
20-Mar-2005, 18:45
Gee, I didn't know we were going to have a quiz today...

Present and some-what accounted for.

Paul Moshay
20-Mar-2005, 18:48
Me too, here and learning.

Leigh Perry
20-Mar-2005, 18:50
Hi from Sydney.

Alex Weiner
20-Mar-2005, 18:51
Usually here 5 or 6 days a week.

20-Mar-2005, 18:58
Most days when in town I check to see what I can learn

Robert Skeoch
20-Mar-2005, 18:59
Almost every day.

Matt Wensing
20-Mar-2005, 19:07
Daily; I love this place! Helps me feel like I'm out shooting photos even when I'm in my cubicle. :-)

Kevin Klazek
20-Mar-2005, 19:09
I check in almost every day. I have been shooting LF for just over a year and have learned a great deal from this forum. Thanks!!!

Brett Deacon
20-Mar-2005, 19:11
Yo - I'm around every day.

David K.
20-Mar-2005, 19:13
I'm here once a week..........regardless.

Brad P.
20-Mar-2005, 19:40
Here, but this is my first post. Long time lurker. Love this board. Learn lots.

Eric Fredine
20-Mar-2005, 19:43
New(ish) to LF and the forum, but a commited lurker.

Zoltan Klinger
20-Mar-2005, 20:01
Almost every day. What a great forum!

John Z.
20-Mar-2005, 20:05
Also checking regularly,


Mike Buehler
20-Mar-2005, 20:18
who me? What?

Paul Metcalf
20-Mar-2005, 20:20
film's rotating in the processor, and prints are drying on the screens....

20-Mar-2005, 20:36
I log on and prowl several times a day...

Ray Hunter
20-Mar-2005, 20:39
I check the site regularly.

Ray Hunter


austin granger
20-Mar-2005, 20:58
Here. Hey, maybe I'll be the last one on the thread; I do always seem to run a little late...

I may as well take this opportunity to say that I sure wish I had known about this forum at the beginning of my photographic life, back when I was fumbling around in the darkness (literally and figuratively).

Thanks to all!

Mike H.
20-Mar-2005, 21:31
Hello. Here about twice a day.

Mike Tobias
20-Mar-2005, 21:46
Here, dreaming of being in the darkroom or shooting LF instead of work........only digital here, sigh.


Rich Long
20-Mar-2005, 21:57
I'm here about every other day - more if work is slow, less if it's hectic.

20-Mar-2005, 22:17
1st post, never needed to post with the extensive archives. Lurker.

todd roseman
20-Mar-2005, 22:21
I've wandered into....the LF zone (and enjoy it almost daily)

Marko Trebusak
20-Mar-2005, 23:05
Lurking and asking, but mostly present.

Tony Karnezis
20-Mar-2005, 23:18
I try to get my fix daily.

Sharon S.
20-Mar-2005, 23:35
Am I the caboose? Huh?


Nature Photo
21-Mar-2005, 00:22
Yep. (I must fill in at least 8 characters for my reply to go through)