View Full Version : 9X12 E-6 Processing?

1-Mar-2016, 11:20
Does anyone know of a lab that will process 9 x 12cm E-6 in the US? Mail order.

1-Mar-2016, 11:41
Dodge-Chrome in Silver Spring, Maryland: http://www.dodgechrome.com/locations/silver-spring/

1-Mar-2016, 12:52
Dodge-Chrome tells me they can't accommodate 9x12, they do the standard 4x5,5x7,8x10...still looking.

Steve Goldstein
1-Mar-2016, 13:33
Have you tried Edgar Praus in Rochester?

1-Mar-2016, 13:42
Thanks Steve, I got a recommendation from Blue Moon to try Citizens Photo in Portland and they will do it. Sending it off now. Fingers crossed!

MultiFormat Shooter
1-Apr-2016, 19:39
Sending it off now. Fingers crossed!

How'd it come-out? What was the turnaround time?

2-Apr-2016, 04:10
Great, They were very quick, I had scans in a matter of a couple days via email link-they shipped them back quickly too. Carefully packed. I've used them twice now and am preparing another batch.

MultiFormat Shooter
2-Apr-2016, 05:49
Thanks! That's great to know, in case my E-6 lab ever stops doing film.