View Full Version : T2 Automatic X-Ray fixer dilution for Ilford film?

29-Feb-2016, 07:35
Have been given a few gallons of T2 Automatic X-Ray fixer. Anyone know a dilution that will work well for Ilford FP4+ and HP5+?

Don't know if mixing it at the strength for the machine processing is too strong. Figure with the number of photographers here doing X-Ray film some of you have experience with this type of fixer.

Don't want to dump it out if it is OK to use with my film. It is Ammonium Thiosulfate, Sulfites and Acetic Acid. Just don't know the concentration and want to dilute for normal use in my darkroom.

Andrew O'Neill
29-Feb-2016, 07:48
If it's a concentrate, I would try 1+4 dilution.

29-Feb-2016, 08:05
Andrew is correct, as rapid fix stock cannot be made more concentrated (the solution ingredients can fall out of the solution with the smell of sulfur when stronger)… 1:4 is usually the dilution for film…

Test a strip of film in the dilution (in room light), as it should take about 1-2 min to clear the film initially then double the clearing time for processing… Dilute more if the test clearing time is shorter than a minute...

Steve K

29-Feb-2016, 08:10
Thanks. Have tried the clearing time test and wanted input from those who may have more experience with this type of fix than I. Would be a shame to dump 10 gallons of the stuff down the drain.