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Frank Petronio
18-Mar-2005, 18:50
I have a Speed Graphic and an Aero-Ektar getting "married" at S.K. Grimes. Once they return from their Rhode Island honeymoon, I have to find a nice, fast sheet film to use for handheld, short focus shots. Any suggestions? Color neg as a first choice, as I already know how to push Tri-X. And I know that neither Kodak or Fuji has the brains to put anything above ASA 160 into a Ready-Quick Load packet...

Frank Petronio
18-Mar-2005, 18:52
(So much for trying a different name - catchy though, isn't it?)

18-Mar-2005, 19:07

Larry Gebhardt
18-Mar-2005, 19:17
Slim, why don't you try Portra 400NC in a Graphmatic? With a range finder that would be a killer combo.

Ellis Vener
18-Mar-2005, 19:22
I know that neither Kodak or Fuji has the brains to put anything above ASA 160 into a Ready-Quick Load packet..

More like the smarts. I know for a fact that Kodak has tried.

Neal Wydra
18-Mar-2005, 19:46
I often use TMY in a Graphmatic holder. 400NC should work fine.

Steve Hamley
18-Mar-2005, 20:13

O.K., I give. Why doesn't fast film work in packet form?


Gem Singer
18-Mar-2005, 20:16

You can use your stage name if you want, but we still know who you are. It is a "catchy" name. Very descriptive.

The fastest 4X5 color negative film I know of is Kodak Porta NC 400 speed. You'll need to load it into double film holders or Grafmatics, however.

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
18-Mar-2005, 20:42
Before you buy a boatload of superfast color film, make a few test shots. I had some pretty weird results from my Aero-Etkar; that yellow stain can create havoc with color balance. If you haven't already, you might want to consider "bleaching" the yellow stain these lenses have under UV light for a few weeks.

www.photo.net/bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg?msg_id=005obo (http://www.photo.net/bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg?msg_id=005obo)

Frank Petronio
19-Mar-2005, 05:49
Not that I have experience with multiple Aero-Ektars but maybe I'm lucky - mine looks pretty clear with no brown or yellow "stain". But I'll start be testing it with some E-6 just to see what it really does. Thanks.

Yeah, 400NC and a good monopod are probably the ticket.

Maybe I should call myself "David Burnett"?

Gem Singer
19-Mar-2005, 06:22

You can run, but you can't hide by merely changing your name. A more effective ploy would be to have a complete sex change operation. Then, you can call yourself "Carol Burnett" (insert smiley face here).

Frank Petronio
19-Mar-2005, 07:17
Well, after last week's humiliation, I figured I'd get a lot of crap for posting an actual question. Chopping the old Johnson off would probably suit you guys - I'm just glad you're all virtual and not real, or I'd be swinging from some big old Oak tree by now...

Gem Singer
19-Mar-2005, 10:44

In a manner of speaking, you pooped on your own doorstep. It's going to take a while for the smell to go away. The way I see it, the folks on this forum are the actual (real) ones. "Johnny Rotund" is the virtual reality.

Frank Petronio
19-Mar-2005, 13:58
Eugene, I'm far from perfect but your, and few other's, self-rightous, holier than thou attitude is why you won't be seeing me post here anymore. You should mind your own damn business, as I have things settled on my end.

Gem Singer
19-Mar-2005, 16:23
Good to see that you finally came out of the closet Frank. The "Johnny Rotund" thing was just more than I could take without making commentary. If you look again, you will see that I did mind my own damn business and didn't participate in your "linching". You brought that one on yourself. I have no malice toward you. I was getting a chuckle out of the name you chose, Johnny Rotund. I wish you luck with whatever forum you post on.