View Full Version : Replacement darkslide for C2

Paul Cocklin
18-Mar-2005, 18:10
Help! I just got a used C2 Calumet roll film holder off ebay. I received it in the mail today and I was puzzled because something just did not look right. Then I realized; there's no dark slide! Is there something that i can use to fabricate one? Anyone know the dimensions? (I know I can measure, but i've never seen a complete one, so I don't know how far out it should stick)

Or am I just overlooking something? I see the slot where the darkslide should go, and I've been turning it over in my hands for twenty minutes looking for something I may have missed, but I'm stumped!

Also, does the film roll go on the top roller, looking from the backside of the holder, or does it go on the lower one? This is what I get for trying to go cheap and getting it off ebay. ^sigh^

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks a lot.


Alec Jones
18-Mar-2005, 18:38
Paul, first try Calumet. Yes, you need a dark slide. They often carry parts for their older equipment. If they don't have one, I'd suggest you get a Graflex Film Pack adapter and cut down the slide which comes with it.

Calumet can provide you with a copy of the instructions you need for that back.

19-Mar-2005, 05:26
Hello Paul,

As Alec said: Try Calumet or CAMBO in the Netherlands (Cambo Fotografische Industrie BV, Haatlanderdijk 45 / PO Box 200, NL-8260 AE Kampen, tel: +31 (0) 38 3314644, e-mail: info@cambo.com). The holders are sold Cambo-branded as well as Calumet.

These guys will certainly be able to help you, but CALL - donīt email!


1-May-2005, 01:41
I was just looking to see how much and who has a dark slide for the C2. Check out B&H Photo in New York. If anything else, they are very reliable and never in a good many years have given me a bad deal. If you still need the dimensions let me know.