View Full Version : Hollywood Camera in Portland OR moved/closed?

Nodda Duma
27-Feb-2016, 21:43
Hi folks,

I'm on travel to the Portland area this week, and decided to check out some camera shops. Never been here before so I was pleasantly surprised at how many shops support film.

I went looking for Hollywood Camera, but there was a Sushi restaurant where the store is supposed to be. Either that or I am completely blind.

Has that store moved or closed?


neil poulsen
27-Feb-2016, 22:08
I drove by there just a few weeks ago. It seems unlikely that another business could move in so short a period of time.

When I'm in that area, I'll check.

Just up the road a bit from that location, we have a lab that does dip and dunk medium format roll film and large format sheet film up to at least 8x10. Very fortunate in that regard.

Nodda Duma
28-Feb-2016, 06:20
I could very well have missed it but I drove by a couple times..it is supposed to be next to a Bank of America right?

Last chance is today so maybe I'll try again.

28-Feb-2016, 07:08
Street view on Google maps still shows it there: 147258

Nodda Duma
28-Feb-2016, 07:18
I'm familiar with the street view. I studied it carefully before and after I drove down. Street view doesn't show "SUSHI" emblazoned on the building, like what I saw yesterday.

28-Feb-2016, 07:22
Make sure you stop by Blue Moon. Great group of people.

28-Feb-2016, 10:49
I haven't been in Hollywood in about a year, but last time I was there I chatted with the owner and he said he was considering moving the business. I don't go to that area of Portland much so I haven't seen anything lately.

28-Feb-2016, 13:12
I hope he's still there! I have been meaning to stop in for about two years and still havn't


28-Feb-2016, 17:00
It's still there. Ran by it this morning.

Nodda Duma
28-Feb-2016, 17:33
Thanks I must have missed it. Yesterday was kind of my free day.. If I have enough time before I leave the area I'll stop in.

29-Feb-2016, 04:49
It's still there. Ran by it this morning.

How was the sushi? ;-)

neil poulsen
29-Feb-2016, 08:22
Make sure you stop by Blue Moon. Great group of people.

They're terrific at Blue Moon. An excellent resource for film based equipment.

29-Feb-2016, 08:34
Citizens Photo is also now just down the street from Hollywood at NE 31st! It's in the same building as a liquor store and a Lego store - pick something up for the whole family ;)

Nodda Duma
30-Mar-2016, 21:41
Came back to Portland on travel again for work, and this time finally had the opportunity to stop in at Hollywood Camera.

Wow what an awesome store! And the owner is a real pleasure to talk to and swap stories. Interesting to learn that he is a WW2 vet who was stationed in the same area my grandfather was. Found a couple of odds and ends that I could use.

He said film business is booming, which he is happy to see after the dumping of film a decade ago. Happy to see lots of young people interested in shooting film.

Hopefully I'll get back to Portland and visit again. But if not, glad I was able to stop in.

Also swung by Blue Moon and bought their last pack of Kodak hypo wash. :D