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Calamity Jane
18-Mar-2005, 11:45
While I am awaiting fresh developer to see if I can get my tintype process acceptable, my POP paper and toner arrived last night from Chicago Albumen Works so of course I had to try it out :-) I had time to do ONE print before the sun went down!

It's a bit over-exposed (the paper is more sensitive than I expected) and the sanner caused some flare on the glossy surface, but I like the overall effect of the albumen paper - definately will make saleable prints.


18-Mar-2005, 11:59
I thought that tintypes were exposed directly on the medium, like daguerrotypes. How does POP come into it? (Not intended as just a smart ass question, CJ.)

Calamity Jane
18-Mar-2005, 12:04
No, Bill, you are correct - one's got nuthin ta do with the other. POP is about 50 years younger than tintype but is still 1880's technology.

Got the tintypee boot on my right foot and the POP boot on the left :-)

John Bolgiano
18-Mar-2005, 12:11
Beautiful tones in that image.

And Chicago Albumen Works sells the paper already coated? I've been wanting to try albumen printing for a few months but haven't found the time to coat my own paper.

Calamity Jane
18-Mar-2005, 12:17
Yup, already coated - and a nice job to! It's not ultra-cheap, but then nothing is these days.

Much easier than I was expecting!

18-Mar-2005, 13:09
Great pic. I love the POP paper also...

And if you go to your local hardware/home store and buy the cheapest 18 to 24 inch flourescent blacklight fixtures, you won't need the Sun. I bought 6 24 inch fixtures. Never got around to making an exposure box for them becuase the shipping box worked just fine! ;-) I just laid the fixtures all next to each other in the bottom of the box, unfold the flap on the top and lay the frame on top of that, about 8 inches above the bulbs (or so). Get exposure times of 5 to 7 minutes. 15 if I forget ;-) A really cheap way to process...

Congrats and have fun!

Erik Gould
18-Mar-2005, 13:48
I knew you'd like it. I made an exposing box much like Rich did, its great when you need to go into production mode, but still nothing beats printing with Mr. Sun. Also, unless you got a product I'm not familar with, the CAW POP is gelatin silver, not albumen. Funny name for the company really, Not in Chicago and not albumen. Bet they like Grape Nuts.

Have fun!

Ellen Stoune Duralia
18-Mar-2005, 14:01
Cool Jane!! I hope you realize that it was your first post about looking for ways to supply 'period' photographs during your upcoming event that got me hooked on alt. processes. Yup, it's all your fault! LOL But I have to thank you as I am feeling very much like things are coming together for me artistically, photographically, etc. My order of POP arrived a few days ago... then it turned cold and rainy. Grrrr! But sun in predicted for the weekend. Yippee!

Keep up the good work and wish me luck in my first attempts :-)

Mike H.
18-Mar-2005, 16:25
Calamity J. - Does POP always leave all that white stuff on the ground in your images? I've never used POP so I'm not sure. It would appear to obliterate all the cactus when you take photos. :-) Mike in Phoenix, AZ

18-Mar-2005, 17:27
I thought the grass was looking kinda light.

Calamity Jane
18-Mar-2005, 17:44
Erik: I've already priced the parts for a 6 lamp exposure frame for "production work" but I'm in no rush. I need to make some split exposure frames first. You're probably right about the chemistry to - I am not worried about it since it "looks right" for the period.

Ellen: Don't blame me girl! You're big enough to make your own decissions ;-)

Mike: All that #$$@$#@# "white stuff" was there before I POPed and the $#%$#$# stuff is still there today! Want some? :-)

Dee: Grass? What's that? Haven't seen anything green since last October! :-(

Kerik Kouklis
18-Mar-2005, 21:11
Just a point of clarification here. The Chicago Albumenworks paper is POP - printing out paper. It is not an albumen printing product of any kind. It is a paper coated with gelatine silver chloride emulsion. Go here for more info:


It 's beautiful stuff. I've been using it for many years.