View Full Version : Cable release & press shutters

Vick Vickery
18-Mar-2005, 10:36
I've got two lenses in press shutters (the kind that are always cocked), an old Wollensak 8" triple convertible in a Betax #2 and a Wollensak Ex.W.A. 90mm in an Alphax shutter. Both suffer from the same problem: when you use a standard cable release with them the tip of the release slips off of the little internal arm that sets off the shutter, locking it up. Does anyone know of a cable release made with a broad tip to work with shutters like this? And, if so, where can I find one? I've searched most of the big camera outlets without finding anything.

I filed a little "X" in the end of one release and it stays on the arm SOMETIMES, but not all of the time and its a pain in the neck using the external release with a finger...especially with the 90mm in a recessed board.

18-Mar-2005, 13:11
I had the same problem with sevral shutters. My solution was to simply file the end flat. Push the release in a bit to expose the tip, then use a fine, small file to give it a flat tip instead of the rounded one. Solved all my problems...