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bob carnie
18-Mar-2005, 10:00
We are in the last stages of our first intership here. A young lad from France has joined us for 9 months and will be finishing off his stay Aug 2005.
We are now looking for his replacement to do a 9 month intership with us.
Mac was sponsored by the French Gov't and we supplied a small monthy financial stipend. As well the applicant would need a work visa.
We found this to be a wonderful experience for us and I believe that the hands on training Mac is recieving will carry him well into the future. Skills from photographic capture, film processing , printing and framing were aquired, as well working with high end digital printing devices are taught. Mac will be having his first photographic show here at our emerging artist gallery in July/Aug that he has completely produced from beginning to end.
If any one here knows of someone looking for an unique experience in another Country, please email me and I will send a more detailed description and Mac's view of the experience.

Steve Hamley
18-Mar-2005, 22:20

Been monitoring the post...

You obviously think we know you who you are. Who are you?


Paddy Quinn
18-Mar-2005, 23:11

jens peter
19-Mar-2005, 05:16
Bob Carnie???

You should take a look at his homepage: www.elevatordigital.ca

Mr. Carnie is an internationally renowned master printer; he prints 40-50 photo exhibitions a year. Furthermore, he print images that appear in major museums, and in several of the high-quality photo books you may own.

His lab has specialized in the highest possible quality available. His black and white printing and Pyro development is second to none!

I have personally used the service of many commercial labs here in Europe (Milan, London, Paris, Copenhagen) as well as several “famous” labs in NY. To my knowledge there is no finer commercial lab anywhere in the world than Mr. Carnies lab in Toronto.

On recommendation I approached Mr. Carnie 5 yrs ago – today he develops and print my most important negatives…..not an easy decision to have your B&W lab work done in Canada when you are located in Europe, but it is worth it!

Mr. Carnie is not just a fine person and a gentleman; he should also be considered an expert reference on any matter concerning large format film-development and printing. We should consider us privileged to have Mr. Carnie’s participation on this forum.

If I were a young photographer today, I would not hesitate to approach Mr. Carnie. I don’t think there is a better place to learn high-quality darkroom craftsmanship!