View Full Version : Correct Printing side for Bergger COT320

Larry Huhn
25-Feb-2016, 18:56
I have been getting mixed messages on printing on Bergger COT320. I have been told that the paper is packaged so it is marked for the printing side, but I have never seen any marking. I was also told to use the "smooth" side, but that isn't clear either. One side has small bumps but is otherwise smooth. The other side lays flat but it has very faint cross hatching that appears to me to be imprints from the mold during manufacturing. I would be interested in hearing what side others are using.

peter schrager
25-Feb-2016, 23:08
mark 2 prints with a pencil..try both sides for yourself and you will know forever which side it is

Doug Howk
26-Feb-2016, 01:30
I just checked my most recent purchase (20X24) and smooth side is up vis-a-vis the label [noticed that the label is an image by Tilman Crane, my workshop instructor]. If you run your fingers over both sides at same time, you should be able to detect the smooth side (which has the gelatin sizing).

Michael W
26-Feb-2016, 03:25
It is subtle, but there is a slightly smoother side. Sometimes it's easier to tell with eyes closed.

26-Feb-2016, 04:16
Or by licking the paper with the tip of your tongue.

Anselmo DiMedici
26-Feb-2016, 06:10
Because of the uncoated nature of COT 320, it can be printed on both sides, however, the smoother side, will preform better.
The smooth side is packed facing the label.


Michael Mutmansky
26-Feb-2016, 10:31
The side with the mold impressions is considered the back side. That should be on the bottom in the packaging, unless something went wrong with your pack.


26-Feb-2016, 21:13
I use the "smooth" side (less "tooth."). Look at both sides under strong side lighting - I open the window blinds and let the sunlight fall in. One side is noticeably smoother than the other and that is the side that I print on.


Jim Noel
27-Feb-2016, 11:01
If your hearing is good, listen to it as you move your finger lightly over one surface then the other, The smooth side is higher pitched.

6-Mar-2016, 02:13
The mechanical mesh pattern is the "right" side. But you can print either side depending on your thoughts.

6-Mar-2016, 21:48
The mechanical mesh pattern is the "right" side. But you can print either side depending on your thoughts.

Yep, in agreement.