View Full Version : Best use for a 10x15 camera / film material

25-Feb-2016, 16:33
What would you say is the best (practicable) way to make photos with a 10x15 camera (Linhof Technika I).

As there will be no 10x15 sheet film, would you use 10x15 paper (Gradation?) oder reduce to 9x12 sheet film?

25-Feb-2016, 21:03
Put a 4x5 back on the camera.

26-Feb-2016, 00:02
Fotoimpex still list Adox CHS-100 II in 15x10 - out of stock at the moment but expected back at the end of May. Could be worth stocking up!


26-Feb-2016, 04:17
10x15 paper negatives would be really nice, easy to fine ( just cut 16x20 down ) and easy to process.
or you could make your own. over the years i have made my own paper negatives a lot, store bought emulsion
works fine if you don't want to make your own ( took me 2 hours and a few ingredients to make my own ) and cold pressed paper works great.

good luck !

26-Feb-2016, 07:09
Thanks! Will watch it...

Changing back is not possible with a Technika I

26-Feb-2016, 07:17
A Fomapan 100 50pcs 10x15 seems also to be availible at reasonable Price (ca 35 Euro per 50 Pcs)

Here in europe I can get it online from Foma directly...

Michael E
26-Feb-2016, 08:04
Banse & Grohmann in Wernigerode also offer 10x15cm film. No reason to modify the camera, just go ahead and use it.

26-Feb-2016, 10:27
Banse & Grohmann in Wernigerode also offer 10x15cm film. No reason to modify the camera, just go ahead and use it.

Are they still in Business? The winesite and Price lists are quite old..

What is the fim that is called NP 22 (old Orwo Name...) Who does produce them?

Michael E
26-Feb-2016, 14:09
I just received a shipment from them. Yes, their price list has not been changed since 2013, but that is a good thing in today's market.

26-Feb-2016, 15:25
But Foma direct is cheaper 37 to 43 Euro. They write at B&G the film is made in eastern europe, is it a Foma or anything else??

Just ordered 100 Sheets of Fomapan 100. Costs are 86 Eurocent per sheet including shipping from Czechia..

4-Mar-2016, 12:51
Update: FOMA Film came yesterday... Took just one week (from Czechia to Germany). A Sample of Fomabrom 5x7 Inch paper (5 pcs. included)
Can recommend this direct source for europe!

6-Mar-2016, 16:55
first test shot with 1914 Ica Minimum-Palmos Focal plane shutter camera.... Linhof 10x15 backs are not yet here...

https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1564/25543862416_db390c4357_z.jpg (https://flic.kr/p/EVdYmY)Foto mit der Minimum Palmos 10x15 (https://flic.kr/p/EVdYmY) by xipho68 (https://www.flickr.com/photos/xipho68/), auf Flickr

Christopher Nisperos
26-Sep-2016, 14:49
Very nice, Xipho!