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Robert Langham
25-Feb-2016, 16:09
Going to Houston to show portfolio at the Meeting Place during Session one, March 11-15. Getting things in order. Business cards, 1/2 inch notebook with three portfolios on inkjet to pass out, (25 copies). Portfolios are: Magic and Logic, (kinetic still life), The Blackfork Bestiary and Shiprock. I'm going to show Magic and Logic as prints with a few selections of the others so folks can get a feel for the originals. Officially we get four reviewers a day for four days, (16) though usually you pick up more here and there, plus one night where the artists get a table and everyone else mills around. I know I will run through my 25 notebooks.

I've picked reviewers I want to see from across the country and abroad. Doing my background and prep work but usually its the unexpected opportunities that can be the most interesting.

26-Feb-2016, 07:05
It would be really interesting to read your thoughts on the experience after Fotofest.

Difficult to understand the website, but what night is the one open night for the artists? Is it the 29 March? The website appears to be four open nights?


2-Mar-2016, 06:53

Raymond Bleesz
2-Mar-2016, 06:59
It would be very beneficial for all of us if you could share further your experience in Houston & perhaps show examples of this & that--thanks for the share. Being from Colorado, I know of one individual who is going, & her name is Susan Goldstein who has been there before.

Up in the mountains--away from photo activity. Raymond

Robert Langham
2-Mar-2016, 17:52
I did fotofest last in 90, 92, 94. Had fun and made a lot of contacts, sold some prints. It was big then but has gotten much bigger, more expensive, less friendly, more competitive. All fun. I show my portfolios often to fairly significant people. It's rare that you hear anything actually helpful, but still have to show the flag now and then. I'm looking for exhibitions, publication or sales.
Filled out a form picking 20 out of 40 reviewers. The reviewers were from all over, but of course all photo related. I skipped some friends, read bios and preferences and the computer will sort us and try to get us a schedule of who we picked. Many reviewers specifically asked not to see landscapes. Some didn't want to see commercial work or nudes. The MOMA person asked to not speak to anyone who just wanted to be in the MOMA collection. That's going to be a fun one.
I will probably invite other photographers to go along to listen in to my presentation. Non-speaking of course, just to assist. There is a lot of down time at these things while you wait on your 20 minute slot. Last time the reviewees got pretty chummy. Just takes a little jump-starting. I'll ask to go along with other folks and assist, or just listen. Probably be some print trading going on. Some folks report only having sex every two years.....at fotofest.

Tonight I'm packed for an early commercial job in the morning. About to print the front or back cover for my notebooks.