View Full Version : New Toko 4x5 website

23-Feb-2016, 14:39
Actually, I shouldn't write "New Toko 4x5 website"; it would be more accurately to say "The ONLY Toko 4x5 website".

I'm still updating it, but you can we what I've accomplished at:


I add a little bit everyday, in my spare time. If you have any material to add, I would appreciate it -- to xkaes@aol.com

23-Feb-2016, 18:09

Like many others, I have difficulty accessing the subclub.org domain. You have a lot of great information to share.
Would you please consider posting on another website that is more easily accessible? Please? Pretty please??


Kirk Gittings
23-Feb-2016, 18:23
"This webpage is not available............"

23-Feb-2016, 18:32
Love the information on that site, but the only way I can reliably see it is with Google Cache.

23-Feb-2016, 18:53
I can get to the site but most of the photos aren't showing up. Interestingly enough, one of the photos that does show up was taken by me, you must have poached it off of my eBay listing.