View Full Version : The 5X7 lens chart

Frank Bagbey
17-Mar-2005, 22:20
I ran across a chart in the forum comparing all the lenses for 5x7 and now cannot find it. If someone can link me up, please do. And to whoever made the chart, DOUBLE WOW and double thanks. It is a great example of the devotion some put into this forum.

jose angel
18-Mar-2005, 03:22
Are you asking for the Michael K. Davis chart?


steve simmons
18-Mar-2005, 07:33
View Camera has lens focal length cmparison chart in their Free Articles section of the web site


steve simmons

Frank Bagbey
18-Mar-2005, 20:20
Thanks for the help. The Davis chart is the one I had in mind. It is fantastic. Not being a digihead, now I have to figure out how to print it out! Again, thanks.