View Full Version : Kodak Readyload film; Refrig? Where to develope?

Paul Cocklin
17-Mar-2005, 15:20
Hello, all. Sorry if this question has come up already; I did a quick search but didn't find an answer.

Just got my Ektachrome E100VS in the mail, and I will be shooting it this weekend; wasn't sure if I should refrigerate this or not. It is still in the foil wrapping, though I did open the box. Is it worth it to refrigerate only for two days, or will it not make a difference. Also, after the foil is opened, should it be refrigerated? I will probably go through this box in a week or two, so it probably doesn't matter.

Also, I live in the Sacramento area (roseville), and while I have found a great lab that does my 35mm and 120 film, they don't develope 4x5 sheets. Anyone know of a lab within thirty miles of me so I don't have to mail it somewhere?

Thanks a lot for all the help everyone has already given me. I can't wait to go shooting; it feels like I just started in photography again!


James E Galvin
17-Mar-2005, 16:42
An opened package of film should be sealed in a plastic bag for refrigeration, to avoid condensation when taking out of the fridge. In any case, let warm up an hour or so before opening. Storing cold, refridgerated or frozen, is for long term storage: months or years. A few days or weeks is not a problem, but don't overheat, car trunks in summer are supposed to be avoided. But there are reports of survival for even that for a few days, maybe not in Sacramento summers.

steve simmons
17-Mar-2005, 18:10
Cali Color near Cal Expo is a great place for film processing.

This time of year I would not worry about putting film inthe frig

steve simmons

Paul Cocklin
17-Mar-2005, 18:31
Jim- Thanks for the info...I can see you've been to Sacramento in the summertime!

Steve- Thanks for the tip...I will check them out early next week.

Thanks, again. This is definitely the best forum on the web for information!


Paul Metcalf
20-Mar-2005, 20:55
Out of 10 frames from this weekend, just pitched two in the trash because they have moisture-related problems. Someday I'll learn. This film was accidentally placed in a refer (along with the beer - so an honest mistake) in my camper after the film package was opened. I haven't figured out which sheets get ruined when this happens (top, bottom, middle - maybe a test is warranted, but would be expensive and a waste), but it has happened to me now several (too many!) times. No reason to put film in refer. Find a cool place and it will store fine. I put mine in my crawl space (Pacific NW, also within a plastic tote box to protect from critters and bugs/dirt) . If really long time storage is desired, put in heavy plastic bag before opening box and put in freezer.