View Full Version : 210 lenses for 8X10

Mark Nowaczynski
15-Nov-1999, 23:50
Which current production 210mm lenses provide sufficient coverage for 8X10 while allowing some movement? Is there a super-symmar XL 210 in the works? Regards from Toronto,

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
16-Nov-1999, 00:43
Suppossedly Schneider has stopped making the 210 Super Angulon, but I imagine you can find a N.I.B. one at dealer like Lens & Repro or Quality Camera

Ron Wisner likes the 210 G-Claron

Bob Salomon
16-Nov-1999, 06:11
The Rodenstock Apo Sironar S allows a tiny bit of movement.

The recently discontinued Apo Sironar W allowed quite a bit

The recently discontinued 200 mm Grandagon N offered extreme movements.

David Grandy
16-Nov-1999, 16:18
What about the Schneider 210 Super Symmar HM? And greetings from Nova Scotia.

Natha Congdon
16-Nov-1999, 19:23
Other responses have pretty well covered the water on 210 lenses. Neither Super Symmar HM nor Apo Sironar W give much movement. You can about double the room for movements by moving up to the 240 Apo Sironar S, which is sharp, light and has an image circle of 372 per B + H web site. This is my choice for moderate WA in 8 X 10 among modern lenses. Super Symmar 150 XL gives you image circle of 386 for a much wider angle lens. You can pick up one of these new at about half the US price in Hong Kong.


David Grandy
17-Nov-1999, 11:15
The 210 SA has 500 mm of image circle and a price in last years B&H catalog of $5195.00


18-Nov-1999, 18:13
I noticed a 210 SA on ebay today. Starting bid is $3000. At least it's a little cheaper than a new one.

Colin Seaman
19-Nov-1999, 18:29
I may sell my 210SA sometime in the new year, possibly the spring, if you want t o wait that long?

20-Nov-1999, 06:57
It is also worthwhile mentioning the Nikkor AM ED 210 f/5.6, which covers up to 10x12. Still expensive - the Japanese catalogue lists it at Yen198,000, but you can get in new in Japan for between the equivalent of $1600 - $2000. Heavy, at 850gm, but it does have a good reputation.

William Marderness
27-Nov-1999, 22:09
How about a G-claron 210mm? I have not used it, but established photographers (including Ron Wisner) inform me that it is fine for 8x10. I use a 240mm G-claron for 8x10 with plenty of movements.

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
1-Feb-2000, 10:37
Let me add to the list - the 209mm F/8 JML Optical lens. It is apparently a repro/copy lens usually found in the barrel, larger than a 210 Angulon but substantially smaller than a Super Angulon, stops down to f/45, single coated and definatley covers the format. More than that I can't say as I haven't tested mine yet. This one was made in 1991, apparently they are discontinued. THE REAL GOOD NEWS is that mine cost $50.00!

Peter Olsson
2-Feb-2000, 04:20
Schneider have announced that they will introduce a new 210 super symmar XL aspherical this year, in Sweden at the end of the summer, in other countries probably earlier. It will, according to specs, be half the weight of the 210 Super Angulon, it will be f5.6 instead of f8, it will cost half as much as the super angulon, it has much improved definition in the outer areas of the image circle, and it has an image circle of 500 mm. Listed price in Sweden is about $2900 but that may be without shutter.