View Full Version : Hahnnemule Platinum Paper any experience?

21-Feb-2016, 11:47
Hopefully getting a sample pack sent out from Hahnnemule Uk within the next few weeks.

Just wondering if anyone has had some experience with it who had it sent from Hahnnemule USA - how does it compare in use to the likes of Bergger COT 320? (Mainly doing Cyanotypes at the moment).

bob carnie
21-Feb-2016, 12:22
It depends on which one.

we tried Lanaquelle with good results for Pt Pd

21-Feb-2016, 12:28
You can read reviews here:


and here:


Erik Larsen
21-Feb-2016, 12:30
I still think it's too new for many to have used it yet. More options are always welcome. You may ask Kerik kouklis or Christine Anderson as I believe they were beta testers?