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john borrelli
18-Feb-2016, 18:29
Recently I had some negs processed. This one and another had some streaks and I do not know the cause. I made two exposures of this scene with Ilford Delta 100. This one has streaks and another shot a few seconds later of the same scene does not. I darkened this image so that the clearest streak in the sky by the house is more visible . Does anyone have an idea as to what caused them? Thanks in advance for any information someone may have.146854

18-Feb-2016, 19:04
Is it on the negative? A streak of contaminants or actually a different density? I used to get contaminants on film that would leave a streak by touching the film when I hanged it up to dry. Now I keep it clean of the processing tank by not touching it and it dries clean. Try re-rinse in distilled water and hang it up wearing latex/nitrile gloves.

john borrelli
18-Feb-2016, 19:21
I should have stated that I get my film developed through a local but professional business.This was the first Delta film they have done. The streak is subtle not like a scratch but it can't be rubbed off with a lens cloth for example. I could try rinsing this streaked neg in distilled water. It is a duplicate so it will make a good test in case it happens again in the future. I also have another business that has developed my negs in the past so if people think it is a film processing issue that would be another option.

5-Mar-2016, 03:17
Looks like bromide drag

Doremus Scudder
5-Mar-2016, 04:12

It's a processing error like uneven immersion in the developer, uneven drying, or contamination/wetting of the negative before developing or after fixing/drying.

The lab is at fault and should clean up their act. That said, if you've had good results from them, then one or two mistakes in the course of a good relationship shouldn't prompt you to change. However, you should bring it to their attention.

Processing the film yourself is also an option, but there's a learning curve and you need the facilities...



john borrelli
15-Mar-2016, 08:05
Thanks Doremus, your expertise is very much appreciated.