View Full Version : Sinar 4x5 to Toyo Lens Adapter - Jieying brand - experience or opinions?

18-Feb-2016, 17:58
Anyone have experience with this specific lens board adapter? They are currently listed on eBay for $75 - $80 from a couple of sellers in China.
I read a positive review in this forum of the Tyger RJ brand adapters from the RJ Camera store (JinFinance on eBay), but they are not currently available.
My concerns about the Jieying brand adapters are: fit to Sinar camera, fit to Toyo 110mm lens board, and durability with light to medium use.

Jeff Keller
18-Feb-2016, 23:31
They look like the same adapter I have. My experience is that the strip of metal holding the bottom of the Toyo/Canham board into the adapter fits very tightly as if it were designed for a thinner Toyo/Canham board. The recessed Toyo board I have seems to be a little tighter than the Canham boards. I pushed my lens board into it and tilted it in and out several times. That seemed to loosen the fit. The adapter board fits into either a Sinar Norma or a Sinar P nicely.