View Full Version : Fuji Quickload Holder Question

Mark Stahlke
16-Mar-2005, 22:29

I have a Fuji Quickload film holder and I've always been puzzled by one thing: What the heck is the "handle" for? If you have one of theses holder you will probably know what I'm talking about. It's that mysterious piece of plastic that fits into the end of the holder. For the life of me, I can't see any purpose for it. It's not heavy enough to be good ballast, it's the wrong shape for a doorstop, all my table legs are the same length. Does anyone know what that piece of plastic's purpose in life is?


Kerry L. Thalmann
16-Mar-2005, 22:44
It's supposed to be a dust cap. Personally, mine has been at home in a drawer since the day I bought the holder. I carry the Quickload holder in a ZipLoc bag to keep out ALL of the dust. It seems rather absurd to put a cap over that little slot when the entire pressure plate and image area of the holder are exposed to dust. Besides, a ZipLoc is lighter and also keeps out moisture.


Matthew Cromer
17-Mar-2005, 12:46
I thought it was there to help Fuji sell more of the holders.

The day it got here my son promptly picked it up by the "handle" 5 feet over the tile floor and, of course, the holder immediately plunged down with a sickening crack.

Fortunately it seems that my QL holder is working after 50 shots developed, although it seems quite "sticky" when inserting QL sheets.