View Full Version : Box of lens elements and shutter

David Aimone
17-Feb-2016, 11:43
Was given a box with (I believe) a Compound 3 shutter, and four lens elements that don't seem to fit into it.

Looks like two rear elements (no ID); and two front elements: a 12" Velostigmat Series IV and a 8 1/4" Velostigmat Series II

How do I put the Humpty Dumptys back together again?


Dan Fromm
17-Feb-2016, 13:34
You sell the shutter and use the proceeds to buy a lens you will use. Alternatively, you find a couple of Alphax shutters that the cells will screw into. See http://www.suaudeau.eu/memo/pratique/Les_obturateurs_centraux.html for the various sizes' threading.

Jim Andrada
19-Feb-2016, 18:41
At first I thought it might be some kind of casket set, but then again all the elements look to be different sizes and if none fit the shutter that seems pretty unlikely.