View Full Version : 8x20 Wisner GG Cover

Bruce E. Rathbun
16-Mar-2005, 15:49
Anyone know where I might pick up a GG cover for my 8x20 Wisner? I am looking to snag one in the next few weeks if possible as I am heading west for two weeks. I figure the odds of the GG cracking or breaking are extremely high. Maybe there is a way to fabricate something for temporary protection until I can get the GG cover?


Gem Singer
16-Mar-2005, 16:33
Hi Bruce,

K.B. Canham makes an excellent groundglass protector in the 8X20 size. It retails for $50. It can be ordered through Jim, at Midwest, Jeff, at Quality Camera, or Fred, at The View Camera Store. You should be able to obtain one within your time constraints if you move swiftly.

Keith Pitman
16-Mar-2005, 19:57
DIY--cut one out of foam core. Inexpensive, quick and reasonable protection.

George Losse
16-Mar-2005, 20:18

All you need is something to sit in the glass area of the camera back. On their 8x10, Wisner uses wood and then lines the edges with felt to fit into the back snug. You can do the same thing with masonite or 1/8 inch plywood.

"I figure the odds of the GG cracking or breaking are extremely high. "

I am curious though, why do you think the odds of breaking the glass to be so high? I've taken my 8x20 cross country twice now, once in the cab of a pick-up and the last time in the back of a jeep. I never had nay problems with the glass. As a matter of fact I've only broken one ground glass since I moved up to 8x10 and larger cameras in 1990. And that was because the camera back fell off the camera body.

Jay Wolfe
16-Mar-2005, 21:24
I'd second the suggestion to use foam core material. I've used this before and it certainly protects the GG from knocks. You can cut it so it's a very tight fit. It's also easy to replace if it gets damaged or lost. You can find it just about anywhere.

17-Mar-2005, 05:51
Cut a sheet of 1/8 clear Lexan 1 inch bigger then the ground glass and attach it with the 1/2 round velcro dots to the ground glass frame. This way you can see right throught the cover so you don't have to remove all the time. Use the no mar lexan.

Bruce E. Rathbun
19-Mar-2005, 17:10
Odd....I posted a response and it did not show up for some reason. I will try again. My first thought was to use a sheet of plexi or Lexan. I had not thought about using larger Lexan wtih velcro. Thanks for the suggestion Richard. I have used foam core in the past and the works farily good. My only problem with foam core is that the wind has been known to carry a sheet of foam core halfway to China with a small wind.
As far as cracking the glass goes.....I am headed to an area where I cracked an 8x10 GG 8 years ago. There are many rocks and I seem to have problems in this area of the woods. As I have gotten more careful this may not be a problem. I will take your word on that one George.
The suggestion of K.B.Kanham also sounds good. I did not realize that he made GG cover. Thanks Eugene.


Oren Grad
19-Mar-2005, 17:20
Bruce -

A sheet of Lexan with velcro dots, as Richard suggests, is what Dick Phillips uses. He rounds off the corners to make it easier to handle. The Lexan protector he made for my Compact 8x10 works well, and I know he's offering a comparable arrangement for the batch of 7x17 cameras he's currently finishing up.