View Full Version : Does a Fujinon 300 A cover 10x12?

Joakim Ahnfelt
16-Mar-2005, 06:05
I have a Fujinon 300 A with a image circle of 420 mm according to the expertiese here. Will it cover the 12x10 I'm considering buying?
The diagonal of 12x10 is 390 mm wich in theory should leave me with 20 mm to spare. Not much room for any movments but enough to avoid vignetting.
Does any one have any experience with a set up like this?

Eric Leppanen
16-Mar-2005, 10:15

I recently tested the coverage limits of my 300A on my 8x10. While the rated 420mm image circle allows a maximum rise of approximately 2.5 inches in portrait orientation, the actual circle of illumination is significantly larger and I was able to achieve four inches of rise without any mechanical vignetting, although the image was getting soft at the extreme edges. Four inches of rise equates to a circle of illumination of at least 500mm, so the lens should cover 12x10. Some chromatic aberration has been reported with this lens when using extreme movements (I personally have not tested for this), but since I assume you'll be doing B&W contact prints this shouldn't be a problem.

Kerry Thalmann has posted a Fuji A spec sheet at http://www.thalmann.com/largeformat/as-sfs.htm. It shows the 300A's rated image circle to be 420mm at f/22.