View Full Version : "Free 8x10 Eastman" follow-up

Kirk Gittings
16-Mar-2005, 00:03
Just to let you all know, I haven't made a final decision yet on this though I am getting close. The camera is wrapped and ready to ship as soon as I get some more info to help me decide on who or where to give it to. I am waiting on a couple of email responces to some questions. Thanks for being patient. And thanks to Kerry Thalman for contributing the 12" Kodak Anastigmat lens too. To tell you the truth as I wrapped it up I had a longing to take that beast out and make some images, but I knew I wouldn't and it would just sit on the shelf longer. I'll let you all know what happens when it does.

Robert Peterson
16-Mar-2005, 08:32
Oh boy, I'm so excited I can't sleep at night.

Darin Cozine
16-Mar-2005, 17:31
Thanks for the follow-up Kirk!
In fact I was just wondering who the lucky sob was going to be. I do hope you give it to a school, though. I remember my beginning photo course thinking I was behind the times because I had an old minolta hi-matic and a bunch of other students had AF nikons. It would be great for students to have access to LF equipment so they can get a feel for what is out there.


Kirk Gittings
16-Mar-2005, 20:14
The only problem is that this kind of "old school" technology is often lost at art schools these days. I bought this camera from the Art Institute of Chicago when I was teaching there because no one ever used it. If I give it to a school it would have to be at a place where I knew it would be used.